Alumni Hall of Fame Inductees


The purpose of the Alumni Hall of Fame is to recognize the achievement of an outstanding Northeast alumnus who has excelled personally and professionally, making a continued and significant difference in their community on a local, state, national, or international level.

Criteria for Selection

  1. Individual must be an alumnus of Northeast Mississippi Junior/Community College. An alumnus is any person that has a verifiable academic transcript with the college.
  2. Award is presented to the alumnus who has demonstrated outstanding traits of leadership and character to such an extent that it has brought great credit to the recipient and to the alma mater.
  3. Nominee is distinguished in his/her chosen profession.
  4. The accomplishments to be recognized may be achieved through the nominee's career, service, or volunteer efforts.
  5. Nominee has demonstrated a high level of integrity in his/her personal life and has gained the recognition of various other persons around him/her.


Hall of Fame Inductees

  • Malcolm White (2021)
  • ZonaDale Taylor (2021)
  • Sam Mosley (2019)
  • Harold E. Lomenick (2018)
  • Hugh McLarty (2018)
  • Travis Childers (2016)
  • Vance Witt (2015)
  • Earline "Woodsie" Woods (2015)
  • Dr. William G. Jackson (2014)
  • James Seth Pounds (2013)
  • Cathy M. Roberson (2013)
  • Major General Augustus Leon Collins (2012)
  • William "Billy Joe" McCoy (2012)