Mathematics & Sciences

Calculating The Formula for Success


The Division of Mathematics and Sciences consists of twenty-three faculty members who teach mathematics, natural sciences, computer science, and agriculture courses. Members of the division seek to continually use updated information, techniques, and resources in their respective areas to provide the best possible preparation of students for careers in current and future disciplines.

During the past academic year, five of the faculty in this division sponsored/co-sponsored five on-campus clubs/organizations in addition to their normal teaching and student advising responsibilities. To keep abreast of their respective disciplines, faculty currently holds active memberships in 45 professional organizations and took part in various related conferences at the local, state and regional levels. As well as holding memberships in these organizations, members of this division also made presentations, held offices, and/or served on committees/boards in 20 of these organizations. Faculty members collectively participated in over 600 hours of professional development courses, workshops, and in-service training sessions during this academic year. Two biology instructors continue working on a project, Healthy Schools, in conjunction with the Mississippi Department of Education and local K-12 schools in our district.

The Math/Science Division sponsors the yearly Junior High Mathematics Tournament and the High School Mathematics and Science Competition. These competitions involve students from the local schools in our five-county service district. In addition, faculty members assist with other competitions held by other divisions on our campus.

The division offers seated, online, and hybrid courses. Equipment and software has been purchased as budget has allowed, keeping the division up-to-date in our teaching practices and delivery methods. Instructors have continued efforts toward using OER materials in their courses. During the Fall 2019 semester, 45 percent of courses in the Math/Science division will be using OER textbooks. This is an increase of 24 percent as compared to the Fall 2018 semester when 21 percent of the courses used OER textbooks.

As can be evidenced by the dedicated work and participation in a broad spectrum of professional activities, the entire Division of Mathematics and Sciences continues to strive for, and has achieved excellence in teaching methods, techniques, and in the areas of professional and personal growth. Faculty are not only great contributors to their respective teaching fields and division, but also to their communities.