Business and Engineering Technology

Connecting Industry, Education and You!

The Division of Business and Engineering Technology includes 22 programs of study that are designed to provide unique educational options for enhancing the knowledge and skills required for employment in our economy. To ensure that programs are contemporary and aligned with industry standards, program faculty meet regularly with industry-specific professionals who provide advice on the curriculum, equipment and internships necessary to meet the specific needs of industry relevant employers.

Each instructor holds an Associate’s Degree or higher in his /her field, but more importantly, each instructor has many years of experience working in their particular area of expertise. This allows students to learn not only theory, but to gain first-hand knowledge of real world situations encountered in the workplace. Furthermore, faculty members are continually participating in professional development opportunities to ensure their knowledge and skills remain current.

The Precision Manufacturing and Machining Technology program was given two awards for the 2019-20 year:

  • The Gene Haas Foundation Grant - $10,000.00 – to fund student credentialing through NIMS, fund Skills USA activities and provide student tool kits.
  • The Ashley Skills USA Scholarship - $1,000.00 – To help fund Skills USA activities.

Due to COVID-19, the division became more flexible in operations. Many courses went to hybrid or online format. The division saw many program upgrades during this previous year. Gayle Davis Hall was completely renovated and training began for students in the Diesel Power Technology and Truck Driver Training programs. The annual Spring Job Fair was cancelled due to the pandemic, however, the division hosted area high school vocational-technical program students for tours of the CTE Division programs, as well as the Northeast campus, and hosted the “HEADS” festival on October 10. This gave over a twelve hundred secondary students the opportunity to visit campus, speak with students and instructors, and tour industry exhibits.

Certificate Programs

Certificate courses are arranged in the sequence which best assures successful completion. Thus adherence to the course and semester sequence is required unless deviations are approved by the program instructor/advisor or division head. A certificate is awarded to a student who successfully completes one of the following prescribed programs of study.

Two-Year Degrees

Career and Technical programs are offered for students who will seek employment upon completion of program. The Associate of Applied Science degree is conferred for successful completion of a technical program. All programs are designed as terminal; however, transfer of credit is at the discretion of the receiving university. To graduate, a student must complete all courses within a particular curriculum.