Northeast strives to push the boundaries and transform learning environments with technology. Whether it's crafting engaging lectures, putting content creation in the hands of students, or breaking barriers outside of classroom walls, we are always moving forward with technology in education in an effort to inspire students to reach their full potential.

Breaking Down Barriers
In the Classroom
The culture of learning is shifting from an instructor-centered learning environment to a student-centered one because students now have the tools needed to apply and demonstrate what they are learning.
Theater students working on play

In the Arts

In the Division of Fine Arts, both faculty and students proved that the show really does go on.

Digital Fluency

Northeast is leading the way in preparing students for the workforce so they stand out above the rest.


Coaches and coaching staff harnesses the power of technology to grow players and achieve team success.

Student Agency

Northeast provides opportunities for students to take ownership of their learning through experiences that allow them to become authors and develop skills that will support them in being lifelong learners, engaged humanitarians, and empathetic people.