About the Library

The library serve NEMCC by providing instructional and leisure-reading materials, movies, board games, and computers with Microsoft Office products, wifi access, online databases, maker equipment and a variety of other products.Audiobooks, eBooks, and digital periodicals are also available for library patrons through the Overdrive and Hoopla platforms.   Group study rooms are available by reservation on the library's website.

The library staff is eager to give personal or group instruction to library users. If assistance is needed when the library is closed, students can contact a librarian through the 24/7 link located on the library homepage.

Library Loan Privileges

  • Length of a library loan is determined by the item type. All items may be renewed if there are no hold requests.
    • Physical books & movies may be checked out for two weeks.
    • Board games may be checked out for one week.
    • Lending periods for eBooks, audiobooks, and periodicals vary depending on the platform.
  • The NEMCC Library does not charge overdue fines. A hold is placed in the Banner system on all overdue materials. As a result of the hold, students with overdue materials are not allowed to register for classes or receive their transcript, and final grades are held until materials are returned
  • Material placed on reserve by faculty must be used within the library during normal hours.
  • Non-circulating materials (such as A/V or maker equipment) must be used in the library during normal hours.

Library Printing

All student/public access printers in the library are governed by a print-management system. Students receive 400 free prints each semester. To print, students must log in with their Netid and password. Once the free copies have been used, students may pay ($0.10 per page) to add additional funds to their print accounts. People not enrolled as Northeast students must pay $0.10 per page for prints. There is no color printing.

A copy machine is available for students and non-students to use.  The cost is $0.15 per copy.


  • Further borrowing privileges may be denied a student who has overdue items or delinquent library records.
  • Lost or missing items should be reported as soon as possible to the library staff.
  • Replacement fee for lost item is the current cost of the item.
  • Northeast is a “tobacco free” campus. The use of tobacco products is prohibited in the libraries.
  • The Mississippi Library Security Act of 1978, states, "It shall be unlawful for any persons to remove library materials, without authorization, from the premises wherein such materials are maintained or to retain possession of library materials without authorization. It shall be unlawful for any persons to willfully mutilate library materials." This means that it is a violation of state law to remove books or other library materials without checking them out or to damage them by cutting out sections, writing in them, or otherwise defacing them.
  • The United States Copyright Act of 1976, states that it is a crime to photocopy any and all copyrighted materials. Certain portions of copyrighted articles may be photo-duplicated for study and other educational purposes.