Computer Services

Serving the Northeast Community through Technology

The Computer Center at Northeast Mississippi Community College is dedicated to providing technology support and fostering innovation. Our goal is to assist Northeast in achieving its vision of becoming a student-centered, customer-driven, academic and technical training center that will provide a comprehensive innovative atmosphere not bound by time or place.  

The center's staff is available to help both employees and students, offering support with computer purchases, maintenance of hardware and software, and assisting college personnel with computer usage.


Deny MFA Prompts You Didn't Initiate

If you receive an MFA request that you were not expecting, just say no!

  • Tap "No, it's not me" to reject an unsolicited request.
  • At this point you can tap "Report" to report as fraudulent.  You can also "Cancel" a mistaken but not suspicious prompt.
  • Only tap "Yes" if you were expecting it because you were actively logging into a service.

Need Assistance?


To address computer system issues, employees must submit work orders through the Computer Center Work Order System. The Computer Center staff will then prioritize all requests following the official college policy.


For assistance, students should go to the Student Help Desk situated in the Frank Haney Union. Alternatively, they can submit a help desk ticket through the Help Desk Support System.

System Status Updates

We are providing the following links to keep users informed about potential outages and service interruptions. These links include status updates for most NEMCC systems, along with information about the underlying and dependent systems. This way, users can stay informed about any issues and disruptions that may occur across the network.

Upcoming Maintenance Windows