Programs of Study

Associate Degree Programs

Career and Technical programs are offered for students who will seek employment upon completion of program. The Associate of Applied Science degree is conferred for successful completion of a technical program. All programs are designed as terminal; however, transfer of credit is at the discretion of the receiving university. To graduate, a student must complete all courses within a particular curriculum.

Certificate Programs

Certificate courses are arranged in the sequence which best assures successful completion. Thus adherence to the course and semester sequence is required unless deviations are approved by the program instructor/advisor or division head. A certificate is awarded to a student who successfully completes one of the following prescribed programs of study. 

A major portion of funding for most programs is provided by the Mississippi State Department of Education, Office of Career and Technical Education, and the Mississippi Community College Board.

Agriculture, Construction, Manufacturing, and Transportation

Northeast Mississippi Community College's Division of Business and Business Technology offers the following associate degree and certificate programs in Agriculture, Construction, Manufacturing, and Transportation pathways.

Automotive Mechanics and Service

Postsecondary Automotive Mechanics and Service Technology is an instructional program that prepares individuals to engage in the servicing and maintenance of all types of automobiles. 

Collision Repair

Collision repair work has variety and challenges - each damaged vehicle presents a different problem. Repairers must develop appropriate methods for each job, using their broad knowledge of automotive construction and repair techniques. 

Construction Engineering

Construction Engineering Technology (CON) is an instructional technology program designed to prepare individuals to work within the construction industries and firms in mid-level management operations as estimators, material specialists, planners, project managers, layout specialists, or other construction operations.

Diesel Power

The Diesel Power Technology program is an instructional program that provides students with competencies required to maintain and repair a variety of industrial diesel equipment, including agricultural tractors, commercial trucks, and construction equipment.

Drafting, Design and 3D Modeling

The Drafting, Design and 3D Modeling Technology Program is a broad study that prepares the graduate as a drafter in the fields of architectural, civil, mechanical, and structural drafting. Drafters prepare technical drawings used by workers who build homes, space crafts, industrial machinery, manufactured products, buildings, roads, bridges, subdivisions, and much more.

Electrical Technology

The Post-Secondary Electrical Technology program prepares individuals to install, operate, maintain, and repair electrically-energized systems such as residential, commercial, and industrial electric wiring, and DC and AC motors, controls, and electrical distribution panels. 

Heating & Air Conditioning

Heating and Air Conditioning Technology is a post secondary Associate in Applied Science Degree instructional program with a certificate option that prepares individuals to work in engineering departments or private firms installing, maintaining, and operating small or medium air conditioning, heating, and refrigeration systems. 

Industrial Maintenance

The mission of the Industrial Maintenance Technician Program is to provide a solid foundation to help students acquire the competencies necessary for success in the maintenance occupation. An Industrial Maintenance Technician is a specialist who possesses detailed knowledge of several technical subjects and applies this knowledge in an industrial environment.

Precision Manufacturing & Machining

Applied Machine Tool and Die Technology is a progressive Certificate Program designed with the flexibility to equip skill and technological employment needs of Machine Tool and Die firms. Instruction in this program includes competencies and essentials of mathematics and technology linked with the application of conventional computers and machines and computer numerical control operations.


Accounting Technology

The Accounting Technology program is a technical program designed to prepare students for entry-level accounting positions in accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll, and inventory management while also developing the skills necessary for future advancement.

Administrative Office Technology

The Administrative Office Technology program is an instructional program designed to provide training in administrative office procedures, integrated computer applications, and business communication. 

Business Management Technology

The Business Management Technology program is an instructional program designed to provide students with a relevant professional management education and effective approaches to technology, entrepreneurship, human resource, and management information. 


Early Childhood Education

Upon successful completion of this program the student is qualified for employment in day care centers, nursery schools, and many federally funded programs involved with young children. Graduates also may be considered for positions as teacher aids. 

Hospitality and Human Services Industries

Culinary Arts Technology

The Culinary Arts concentration provides a solid foundation in the methods and science of cooking through exposure to classical, American, and international cuisine, as well as the art of baking and pastries. Special emphasis is placed on culinary tools, equipment, techniques, and specialty ingredients.

Hospitality Management Technology

The Hospitality Management Technology program is designed to provide specialized occupational instruction in all phases of hospitality management and to prepare students for careers as managers/supervisors in the hospitality and tourism industry. 

Public Safety and Administration

Paralegal Technology

This program is planned to prepare a person for employment as a legal assistant, a position found in legal firms and law-related occupations such as banking and finance, real estate, and government agencies. 

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics

Northeast Mississippi Community College's Division of Business and Business Technology offers the following associate degree and certificate programs in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics pathways.

Civil Engineering Technology

Civil Engineering Technology prepares a person for positions in the civil engineering field. The curriculum includes surveying, principles of road construction, and general construction practices. 

Computer Technology

The Computer Technology program is an instructional program that is designed to prepare individuals for entry level positions managing computer operations in an office environment while also developing the skills necessary for future advancement.

Cyber Defense

There are four emphasis areas within the Information Systems Technology program: Cyber Defense, Extended Reality (XR), iOS App Development, and System Administration. The Cyber Defense concentration focuses on network security and digital forensics.

Extended Reality

Extended Reality (XR) offers training in virtual/augmented reality. Opportunities for employment for students with this expertise in Information Systems Technology include state and federal government, telecommunications industries, internet based companies and computer consulting. 

iOS App Development

iOS App Development concentration emphasizes the development of knowledge and skills necessary to work with mobile networks and devices. Course specific to the concentration address communications, networks, security, and Swift programming language.

System Administration

System Administration offers training in computer repair, network, server maintenance/administration, and testing of websites, Internet programming, and database interaction.