Hospitality and Human Services

Hospitality and Human Services
Hospitality and Human Services Pathway individuals enjoy working with the public.  Those interested in this Pathway are drawn to the fields of psychology and social work as well as culinary arts and hospitality management.  Often, people in this Pathway are drawn to the areas of personal care and consumer services.

Hospitality and Human Services Industries

Culinary Arts Technology

The Culinary Arts concentration provides a solid foundation in the methods and science of cooking through exposure to classical, American, and international cuisine, as well as the art of baking and pastries. Special emphasis is placed on culinary tools, equipment, techniques, and specialty ingredients.

Hospitality Management Technology

The Hospitality Management Technology program is designed to provide specialized occupational instruction in all phases of hospitality management and to prepare students for careers as managers/supervisors in the hospitality and tourism industry.

Four Year Transfers

Northeast offers the first two years of all Mississippi university majors in the Hospitality and Human Services pathway including:

  • Culinary Arts
  • Culinary Science/Culinology
  • Hospitality & Tourism Management
  • Hospitality Management
  • Recreation Administration
  • Psychology
  • Recreation
  • Social Work