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Admission to the college does not guarantee access to a specific program. It is necessary to check the prerequisites for a program to determine one's eligibility for entry into that particular degree program. Some programs require a separate application and completion of all requirements before entry.

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Admission Types

Current High School Student

Apply as a dual-enrolled student if you are currently in high school and want to complete college courses while simultaneously receiving high school credit.

First-Time College Student

Apply as a first-time college student if you have graduated from high school but haven't enrolled at a college, university, or another school after graduation. You should also apply as a first-time college student if you took college classes in high school but have not taken courses since graduating.

Transfer Student

Apply as a transfer student if you have enrolled at a college, university, or any other school after graduating from high school or received financial aid at another college or university before applying at Northeast.

Readmit Student

Former Northeast students who have been absent from the college for 12 months or more and have not attended any other college or university and wish to resume their studies should enroll as a readmit or returning student.

MIBEST Program Admission

To gain admission into the MI-BEST integrated pathways program, the applicant must:

  • Gain acceptance into the MI-BEST program in a declared pathway through the Workforce Development Division.
  • Complete a Northeast Mississippi Community College application for admission.

To obtain challenge exam credit through the MI-BEST Integrated Pathways Program, a student must have an admission application on file and gain approval for taking the challenge exam for approved courses through the Workforce Development Division. If a student makes a satisfactory grade on the exam, the instructor will submit the grade to the Vice President of Instruction's office. The Vice President of Instruction will write a memo to the Records and Business offices. Once the Workforce Development Division has paid the challenge exam fee, the Business office will notify the Records office, and the Records office will record a grade of "Z" for the course.