iPad Distribution

iPad Distribution 

Every incoming student will receive an iPad upon acceptance to Northeast Mississippi Community College.  iPad pick-up is held the week before the start of each semester.  For fall handout, training stations are available to help students set up the iPad, sign into their email, and adjust settings for the best learning experience.  Please plan to stay about 15-20 minutes for iPad pickup in the fall.  Spring iPad pickup does not include learning stations, but staff are available to help students set up their devices and get started.

iPad handout takes place in the Haney Union at the SmartCampus Hub / Student Activities Center.  To receive the iPad, students must present a current Northeast Student ID. 

*All fees must be paid in the Business Office before students can pick up an iPad.  See the schedule below for pickup time:


Spring 2024 Semester

  • Wednesday, January 3rd: 8am - 4pm
  • Thursday, January 4th: 8am - 4pm
  • Friday, January 5th: 8am - 12pm

Students may also pick up their iPad when classes begin during regular operating hours. Accounts are finalized at the end of each semester, so don't forget to pick up your iPad when the semester begins.

Personal iPads

Upon acceptance to Northeast Community College, the cost of an iPad is automatically charged to your NEMCC billing account.  If you have previously purchased an iPad to use for the semester, you may register the device for use and request the iPad charge be removed from your billing account.  An iPad must meet the following criteria to be accepted: 

  • Updated to the latest operating system
  • Screen is intact and has no damage
  • The device presented is verified to be the same device used for coursework. 

Please note that the Student Help Desk must check and verify a personal iPad before charges are removed.  You may have the personal device reviewed by scheduling a review time in person or completing the online form.

Personal iPad Review