Commercial Truck Driving

Commercial Truck Driving

2022 Schedule

  • March 1-April 29
  • May 2 – June 30

Northeast Mississippi Community College offers an 8-week truck driving course. After 8 weeks, leave with a Class A CDL and connections with a network of trucking companies providing high paying professional driving jobs. 

Wondering if a career as a professional driver is for you? Consider these reasons to see if you would be a fit for this rewarding career. 


Are you tired of having your boss constantly looking over your shoulder and only allowing you to complete meaningless tasks? As a professional driver, your company will trust you and your driving skills to get the job done.

The Open Road

Do you enjoy driving? If you love the open road, you’ll thoroughly enjoy being a truck driver. Many truck drivers simply love traveling along the open road.

Travel the Country

While driving down the open road, you’ll also have the opportunity to see new sights and sounds and see new parts of the country. From majestic mountains to the beautiful plains, you’ll experience travel like never before.

Meet New People

When you start your new career as a professional truck driver, you’ll meet new students during training with the same goals as you. You’ll form new friendships and bonds with your students, instructors, and future coworkers.

New Career Path

If you’re bored with your current job or are ready to launch your first career in a rewarding field and profitable field, becoming a professional truck driver will provide you with excitement and a sense of accomplishment.

Job Security 

No matter the state of the economy, America will always rely on truck drivers to deliver goods and transport necessary materials.

No Cubicles! Ever!

The best part about being a truck driver – you’ll never ever be stuck in a boring cubicle!

Ready to become a professional truck driver? Awesome! Enroll at Northeast Mississippi Community College today for the hands-on and in-depth training required to receive your Class A Commercial Driver’s License.