Immunizations & Drug Testing Policies

Allied Health Students Immunizations

Once admitted, Allied Health students must supply, on program forms, proof of a physical examination and identified immunizations and tests and must document an acceptable health status. Review of the submitted data may result in the request for additional documentation, psychiatric evaluation, and/or drug/alcohol screens if indicated.

Students must comply with any such requests. Students must be able to exhibit performance requirements which include adequate cognition, sensory, affective, and psychomotor abilities, i.e. vision, hearing, mobility, speaking, and manual dexterity. Final admission status cannot be determined until the health status has been validated.

Students may not attend clinical experiences until acceptable health status has been validated.

Career Technical Education Drug Testing Policy

The Diesel Power Technology Program and Heating and Air Conditioning Technology Program of Northeast Mississippi Community College has an obligation to provide a safe learning environment for all students and industry members who may be impacted by the training of students in the program. The Diesel Power Technology Program and Heating and Air Conditioning Technology Program require students to work with and around hazardous equipment with the potential to cause severe injury or death to themselves or others around them. Students in the lab/shop areas must be attentive and focused on their actions, as well as others around them. Students with impaired or delayed reaction time, loss of concentration, or impaired decision-making are a hazard to others. Students that are impaired due to prescription medications or illegal drug use pose a serious risk to staff members, other students, and industry members. The purpose of this policy is to promote safety, employability and to prevent a potential safety risk to others. This Drug Testing Policy shall not be used for law enforcement purposes. The Diesel Power Technology Program and Heating and Air Conditioning Technology  Program Advisory Boards which consists of industry leaders and employers who maintain industry standards have set forth the following policy for program testing.

NEMCC Diesel Power Technology and Heating and Air Conditioning Technology Drug Testing Procedures for random and suspicious testing is as follows.

  • The cost associated with testing and retesting will be the responsibility of the student and will be included in fees for the course, all testing will be completed at a location approved by the instructor and division head. All tests will be Federal DOT panel drug screens. All students will be transported to the testing facility by college personnel in a college vehicle; personal vehicle travel will not be allowed.
  • Test results shall be forwarded directly to the program instructor, Division Head and/or Vice President of Instruction, along with a copy sent to the student. All test results will be considered confidential and access to the results shall be restricted to the respective campus individuals listed. These individuals shall have authority to determine which institutional personnel have a legitimate need-to-know access to specific information.
  • A student who is present on the day of the random drug screen cannot be excused from the screening process. If a student leaves the campus/ facilities without completing a drug screen or refuses to participate in any required drug screen, they will be required to withdraw from the program. No student who is present on the day of a scheduled drug screen can be excused from drug screening. If a student cannot provide a specimen within three (3) hours of the start time of the testing period, it will be considered a Refusal to Test (Federal DOT law) unless a medical condition, documented by a physician, can be provided; the student will be required to withdraw from the program.
  • If a student is absent the day of testing, a College official will contact the student and require the student to have a drug screen completed within 24 hours, between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. In the event a student refuses to test within the time listed, this will be considered a failed test resulting in the student being removed from the program effective immediately.
  • Drug screen results must meet clinical agency requirements which include a drug screen that is negative for illicit drugs and/or documented current prescription(s). If a student has a positive drug screen for an illicit drug or for a controlled drug that is not currently prescribed for the individual student, the student will be required to withdraw from the program. The student will be allowed to withdraw, within college policies, procedures and guidelines. Students who do not withdraw will receive a grade of F in all program courses.
  • Test results or specimens that have been determined to be altered by the student shall also be grounds for withdrawal from the program.
  • This policy is for the Heating and Air Conditioning and Diesel Power Technology Program admissions and/or program continuance; however, it does not affect general college admission or the right of a student to pursue other college programs at Northeast Mississippi Community College.
  • If a student is required to withdraw due to failing a drug screen, a student may reapply for admission into the program the following year. Before readmission will be allowed, a drug screen must be completed. In the event another random screen is failed, the student will be ineligible for readmission to the program.
  • If reasonable suspicion of substance abuse exists regarding a student based on objective criteria (including, but not limited to, behavior, appearance, demeanor, detection of the odor of alcohol or any controlled substance), the student will be requested to consent to a drug test at the expense of the student.
  • If a student wishes to appeal a positive drug test, the student needs to follow the Complaint/Grievance Appeals Procedures for Academic Matters

Health Sciences Drug Testing Policy

  • The misuse or abuse of substances is inconsistent with the ideals of health care.
  • Students in programs within the NEMCC Division of Health Sciences are expected to reflect the professional / ethical standards of their chosen course of study
  • The NEMCC ideal is a drug-free educational and work environment.
  • When asked to comply with substance screening, a student must comply or the student will be dismissed from the program of study.
  • Results of screening may result in the dismissal of a student from the program of study.
  • A student who fails to disclose used substances which are documented by the screening may be dismissed from the program of study.