Graduation Information


Northeast hosts two traditional commencement ceremonies at the Booneville Campus at the Bonner Arnold Coliseum each year in early May.

Every student who is eligible to graduate must apply for graduation. This will allow the Enrollment Services Office time to review graduation requirements and prevent any delays in issuing diplomas.

Graduation Requirements

All students completing programs of study at Northeast Mississippi Community College are encouraged to participate in graduation. Students desiring to graduate must apply for their degree/diploma in the Records office before the posted deadline. Application dates for applying for graduation are posted each semester.

Any student (new admit, transfer, or readmit) who enrolls at Northeast with a new catalog term of Fall 2021 or after must have LLS 1151 College Life to graduate.  The Registrar and Vice President of Instruction have the collaborative right to waive LLS 1151 College Life for a student.

Residency Requirement

To be eligible for graduation, a transfer student must complete a minimum of one semester (15 semester hours) in residence. Transfer students must complete at least 25% of their degree requirements at Northeast in order to graduate. A cumulative grade point average of 2.0 must be earned on all academic work in order to graduate. Transfer students must present all prior academic transcripts at the time of enrollment. Earned academic transcripts from other institutions presented during the last semester may not be counted towards the degree/diploma.

Competency Requirements

To earn a degree or a certificate, a student must demonstrate through periodic examinations and through other requirements, as stated in the course syllabi, that he/she is competent in all courses within a particular curriculum. In addition, completion requirements for associate degrees include being competent in communication, critical thinking, collaboration, digital fluency, and quantitative literacy. 

  • Communication
    • Students will demonstrate effective verbal communication by articulating abstract ideas to others.  
      Students will demonstrate effective written communication by developing and presenting cogent, coherent, and substantially error-free writing for communication to general and specialized audiences.  
      Students will demonstrate effective group communication by responding to others.
  • Critical Thinking
    • Students will demonstrate critical thinking by identifying important problems, questions, and issues; analyzes, interprets, and makes judgments of the relevance and quality of information; assesses assumptions and considers alternative perspectives and solutions.  
  • Collaboration
    • Students will apply knowledge of subject matter through small group discussions or class discussions.  
      Students will create content with classmates.  
      Students will apply knowledge of subject matter by solving a problem in small groups.  
  • Digital Fluency
    • Students will maintain and manage a variety of digital tools and resources.  
      Students will use digital resources to access relevant and reliable information.  
  • Quantitative Literacy 
    • Students will present accurate representations of quantitative information on political, economic, health-related or technological topics and explain how both calculations and symbolic operations are used in those offerings.  
      Students will create and explain graphs or other visual depictions of trends, relationships, or changes in status.  

Exception for Graduation Participation

A student may participate in the spring graduation exercise if he/she is within eight semester hours of meeting the degree requirements and if he/she has a 2.00 GPA. The student must plan to complete the degree-required courses in the immediate summer term after participating in graduation. A vocational student lacking a summer term meeting the certificate requirements may participate in graduation if he/she has a 2.00 GPA, and if he/she plans to complete the requirements in the immediate summer school after graduation. In both cases, the degree or certificate awards will be made after all required course work is completed.

Graduation and Transfer-Out Rates

Graduation and Transfer-out rates may be obtained in the Records Office in Ramsey Hall.

Academic Transcripts

An academic transcript will be issued only upon a written and signed request from the student provided that all college obligations have been met. Wherever possible, an electronic transcript will be sent to our college partners accepting these transcript formats. Others will be mailed. Additional fees will apply for Overnight or Rush delivery of transcripts.

Northeast Mississippi Community College has appointed Credentials Solutions as the designated agent for processing and sending official electronic transcripts on behalf of Northeast Mississippi Community College. The PDF transcript that is produced using this service contains the identical information as the printed transcript and can be certified as unaltered by uploading the file to the company’s website that is provided during the delivery process. Credentials Solutions has been granted the authority to deliver all such electronic transcript requests on behalf of Northeast Mississippi Community College and respond to any inquiries regarding the transactions.

More information on requesting a transcript can be found at