Getting Started

Getting Started
iPad Distribution

With its campus wide initiative, Northeast Mississippi Community College has become a national leader in the usage of technology in the classroom.  Explore the process of iPad distribution and learn how you can get connected.

Victorya GarnerThe iPad provides fantastic organization, and it saves hundreds of dollars! It gives me access to many tools that are useful for creative projects that enhance my learning.

Victorya Garner

iPad Management

iPads used at Northeast are remotely managed through our Mobile Device Management system.  Managing iPads allows Northeast to centrally deploy required apps free of charge, reassign licenses for workflow, send instant messages, secure sensitive data, and remotely lock/wipe devices in the case of a lost/stolen device.  The management system places no restrictions on your iPad, and it does not affect any iPad capabilities.

Upon receiving a Northeast iPad, the device will be automatically enrolled in our remote management system. Personal devices purchased outside of Northeast are not automatically enrolled in the management system, and therefore, are not managed by Northeast.  Additional steps are required for Northeast to deploy applications to personal devices.  See the Northeast Student Help Desk for more information. 

iPad Release Upon Graduation or Transfer

Upon graduation or transfer, you may request for the NEMCC remote management to be removed.  Please complete the form below to make the request.  You will be notified when the management piece has been removed, then you will restore the iPad to its original settings.

Remote Management Removal

To restore the iPad, first back up any saved files to your iCloud account.  Any information not backed up will be lost. 

  1. Open Settings
  2. Select General
  3. Scroll to the bottom and select Reset
  4. Select Erase All Content and Settings
  5. Your iPad will now begin restoring to its original settings.  This may take several minutes.  Follow the on-screen steps to set up your iPad.

iPad Repairs/Rentals

As owners of the iPad, students are responsible for all repairs if a device becomes damaged.  If the device is not operable for a short amount of time during repair, a replacement can be rented from the Student Help Desk located in the Frank Haney Union.  Rentals are also available for dual enrolled students and part-time students taking a transfer class at Northeast during the summer months.  To rent an iPad, students should reach out to the Northeast Help Desk to make a request.  

  • 2 weeks rental = $25
  • 4 weeks rental = $50
  • 16 weeks semester rental (dual enrolled students only) = $200

Additional Fees due to damage or accessories that haven't been returned:

  • iPad Damage = $50
  • Lost Charging Block = $20
  • Lost Charging Cable = $20
  • If the iPad and accessories are not returned the cost of the iPad will be added to the students account.  This charge is $320

Laptop Rentals

Some programs of study require the use of computers to run specific software.  If a student needs temporary access to a computer for their coursework, a laptop may be rented for use.  This is restricted to students that are quarantined due to COVID-19 illness or exposure and are unable to use campus computers. These computers are housed with the program division.  Students should contact the division head or instructor of the class to request a laptop for use.