Monday June 13th Featured Speaker

Tyler Tarver, Ed.S.Photo of Tyler Tarver

Tyler Tarver, Ed.S. loves helping teachers. He has over 33 million views and 250k subscribers across YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram. He is the founder and creator of a plethora of resources over at, has written 4 books (The Baller Teacher Playbook and 3 others that are meh), hosts multiple podcasts, has his superintendent certification, and is a doctoral candidate in educational leadership at Harding University. He's also a Google Innovator, Google Certified Trainer, Apple Distinguished Educator, Apple Certified Foundations Trainer, and was on the Google Forms Expert Team. He has been a teacher, principal, director, dean, and fake Assistant Superintendent. He is probably not a horcrux.

Presentation:  How to be a Baller Teacher

Monday, June 13th @ 9am CST

For new teachers and experienced teachers alike. Here you'll get steps on how to reach and influence today's learners (The Selfie Generation), but with that old-school respect and focus. Practical advice mixed with videos and experience sprinkled with humor(ish) and a dab of The Dab. Utilizing fun/creative elements/apps to engage and focus on being authentic to your personality in the process!


Tuesday, June 14th Featured Speaker

Jay Matheson, Ed.D.Photo of Jay Matheson, a featured speaker

Dr. Jay Matheson is a Leadership Executive Manager at Apple Inc. focusing on education throughout the United States. Jay partners with campus leadership teams and frequently presents on topics including change management, innovation and the integration of technology in academia.
During a 18 year career at Apple, Jay has developed expertise in addressing the challenges of the 21st century workforce and economy. He has collaborated with some of the largest public university iPad programs in the US and, as part of his doctoral dissertation, researched methods to bring app development instruction beyond computer science departments. As an instructor in Apple’s iOS Developer Academies, he delivered storytelling and branding sessions throughout Brazil.
Jay works closely with community college systems throughout the US and believes that these campuses are the heart of the US educational system.
A graduate of UC Santa Barbara, Jay majored in Communication with an emphasis in new technology and holds a Masters and a Doctorate degree in Educational Leadership from Lynn University in Florida.


Presentation: Cultures That Promote Intentional Innovation

June 14th @ 9am CST

What are the characteristics of a culture in your institution that allow for transformation and innovation?  How does your leadership team manage change?  We will discuss how the culture of your institution and your communication of values help to drive continuous improvement across the institution.