Tuesday, June 14th

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9:00 - 9:50am - Welcome and Featured Speaker

 Featured Speaker, Jay Matheson

*This session will not be recorded.

10:00 - 10:50am

Rebecca Natow from Hoftstra University


Using Technology to Promote Equity in Higher Education

During the early months of the COVID-19 pandemic, higher education institutions created opportunities for students to receive instruction and participate in events and activities in a virtual environment. Colleges and universities can promote equity in higher education by continuing, improving, and expanding the use of technology. Equitable and accessible technologies will enlarge the scope of instructional and co-curricular programming and reach student populations who are not able to access traditional place-based classes and programs. This presentation will describe how technology can advance equity in higher education, including how individual college instructors and administrators can make use of widely-used educational technologies to expand access to and increase participation in higher education. The session will also discuss what public policies can be adopted to promote higher education equity through technology. (Higher Education)



 What is really on their Minds? 5 Ways that I Uncover What Students Have Learned

With 700+ days of helping students remotely, I have incorporated 5 practices that I can’t image ditching any time soon now that most students are on campus. Whether separated by countries or sitting next to each other, I have been able to keep students motivated to take ownership of their learning. These practices allow students to advocate for their progress towards class goals. Best of all, students are able to help younger students and practice ‘selling’ their ideas, contributions and value through digital tools I will share my workflow and advice for how to add student voice without feeling overwhelmed when planning or giving feedback. I will focus mostly on Apple software tools, but creative educators can find ways to replicate these practices on other devices. (Grades 7 - 12)





Reading Difficulty Power Tools – Don’t Plan by Hand, Plan with Power Tools!

Imagine if you could save 30 hours of planning per year with one small tool? Imagine if you could help your colleagues to really understand the challenges that EAL & SEN students face? In this presentation you will learn about word frequency, how to quickly find the words that need pre-teaching, how reading ages really work and how tools can not only highlight low frequency words, but also help you make vocabulary tables automatically. This is the presentation for every teacher who teaches English, has students with special educational needs (SEN) or students whose first language is not English. (EAL, EFL) (General)






Mobile Multimedia Projects: A New Look on an Old Idea

Creating fun and innovative projects for students is getting harder and harder. This presentation will focus on several different media sources to utilize while keeping the student engaged. Podcasts, memes, and Apple applications will be discussed. (General)



11:00 - 11:50am (CST)

Apple Inc. photo



Access Abilities

More students are learning with a varying array of abilities. And teachers are exploring new ways to not only support 
these learners, but also personalize every student’s learning experience. Learn about tools and resources from Apple that allow all students to explore, communicate, and create in new and powerful ways. (General) *This session will not be recorded.




Creativity in the Classroom: Unlocking the Creative Capabilities of the iPad

This session will focus on the creative capabilities of the iPad in the classroom. The session will provide ideas for activities that actively engage students in any content area. The ideas can be modified and adapted to any grade level. These activities can personalize the experience to students that work best in various modalities. Animations, Movies, Music, Photo, Drawing,… So many options are available to facilitate student expression. These activities use built in or free apps that can be implemented with little prep time. Some of the examples that will be shared during the session are: Creating Animated GIFS, Talking Portraits, Green Screen Videos, Self Read Digital Books, Quickly Diagram Images, On the Go Photo/Video Editing, Studio On the Go with GarageBand. (General)

Jason Zuehlke from MS Delta Community College



 Keeping Simplicity through Complexity

Why don’t we like starting something new? Probably because it involves adding another piece of software or hardware, complex integrations, or learning curves just to complete something simple. Why implement something new and complex when we may already have a simpler solution currently available? Join this session to review some simple, and existing, solutions to “complex” new initiatives brought forward from the pandemic. This session will include general applications as well as specific examples of “keeping it simple” to reduce the complexity while providing high quality of service. (General)

Jenniffer Newell from Northeast MS Community College



From Fail to Prevail: Using Apple Pages to Create Templates that Meet Educational Needs

Do you have a redundant task that you or your students do on a weekly basis? Looking for informational topics or a specific format for an assignment? Would you like for your students to cut out all the fluff and get to the main point of their assignment submission? Join me in this session to learn a trick that will make your life easier! The Early Childhood Education Technology program at NEMCC uses Pages templates to assist students in creating lesson plans and curriculum notebooks. During this session we will discuss the what, the why, and the how of creating and sharing templates. (General)



Lunch Break - 12:00 - 12:50pm

1:00 - 1:50pm

Honor Education photo placeholder



Honor Education

Honor Education is a teaching and learning platform with a suite of tools that fully delivers this transformational educational environment for faculty, institutions, and their students.We create engaged, transformational education at scale by activating content, building connections, and enabling creation. (Higher Education)


Jessica Watson and Dr. Michael Mills from the University of Central Arkansas



Building Belonging in Our Learning Spaces

This session will focus on strategies for developing a sense of belonging among learners, whether you’re teaching online or in-person. We’ll discuss the Community of Inquiry framework as a reflective tool for considering how we’re showing up in our learning spaces and how we’re inviting students to show up in those spaces as well. Attendees will also contribute to a shared collection of resources for building belonging. (General)


Will Bowlin photo from Northeast MS Community College



A Marriage Story: Technology and the Modern Classroom

Faculty are often apprehensive about expanding technology's foci. This session brings those concerns to the forefront from the perspective of an instructor who entered the field from a non-educational background. Participants will compare the personal experiences to current research and discuss how to overcome barriers to further their technological adoption. (General)



Dr Larry Anderson photo



R-U-A Snapper or Maker?  7 Best Tips to stop “snapping” photos and start MAKING photos: E-Z Path to Success

When you use your mobile device to grab a photograph, do you just “snap” the photo—or do you take time to MAKE that photo?  There is a huge difference.  During our time together, we will step through only 7 best tips for elevating your photos to become breathtaking photographs.  Leave your snapshots behind and show us the photos you MAKE! (General)




2:00 - 2:50pm




iPad + Augmented Reality = Immersive Student Learning

What if the line between your imagination and the real world didn't’t exist? Learn how AR on iPad can engage learners, inspire creativity and curiosity. Transform instruction, create innovative, immersive learning experiences and have students tell stories using these tools. Walk away with ideas to get started and learn how to transform your classroom. (General) *This session will not be recorded.


Steve Hartnett from Elizabeth Forward School District


 Create Engaging Activities with Apple Pages

No matter the grade level or subject, teachers utilize digital worksheets and handouts daily. In this session, learn how to use Apple Pages application to make these worksheets more engaging for students! From using media placeholders to including video and audio, students will be able to not only demonstrate their learning, but also be engaged along the way. (K-6)


Dylon Burge from Poplarville Separate School District


Bridging the Distance with Technology

This session will cover several resources that can be used whether you are in the classroom teaching, or if you are teaching online. We will go over free resources such as the G Suite tools, Flipgrid, virtual escape rooms, museums etc. We will also cover some paid for virtual tools such as Screencastify, WeVideo, Prodigy and Merge Cubes. A link to my presentation and my contact information will be given out during the session. (General)


Paige Sasser from Northeast MS Community College



Bringing Active Learning to the English Classroom

In this session, the focus will be engaging students, both virtual and traditional, and encouraging the use of free online tools and resources to achieve the highest level of learning and participation. (Higher Education)




3:00 - 3:50pm


Closing Remarks and Giveaways!!!