Monday, June 13th

(all times are Central Standard Time, U.S.)


9:00 - 9:50 - Welcome and Featured Speaker


Featured speaker, Tyler Tarver


10:00 - 10:50am

Ben Peterson from z-Space



zSpace AR/VR Experience

Discover how programs across the country are using zSpace's AR/VR experiential learning applications to deepen student understanding.  Using zSpace, students are exposed to hands-on applications in Health Science, Engineering, Auto Technology, HVAC-R, and so much more.   zSpace's Director of CTE Solutions, Ben Peterson, will explain how virtual and augmented reality is being used to provide new and unique learning opportunities for your students. (Grades 7-12, Higher Education)

Amy Pate from Oktibbeha Consolidated School Distric



Nearpod:  Engagement for All Ages!

This presentation will provide an introduction to the variety of engaging available in Nearpod and how to use Nearpod’s library. You will also learn how to create Nearpod presentations from scratch! Have a device ready to participate! (General)

Nicholas Genovesi from Worcester Public Schools 


Creating Engaging Learning Spaces with Numbers

Most people think of Numbers as an application for spreadsheets. While this is true, it can do so much more. The goal of this session is to demonstrate some strategies and activities built using Numbers that engage learners with their content while also giving them choice in their learning. With the powerful creation tools, collaboration features, and ease of use, Numbers is an ideal format for educators to create and develop learning environments that are approachable to all learners while also allowing them to explore and create. (General)

Michael Byrd from Northeast MS Community College



Investing in what matters:  A case study of leveraging tech resources to get the best work done.

Do you have a workplace task that eats up a ton of your time, but doesn't yield a ton of results? Do you wish that you could spend more time on what really matters in your position as an educator? Join this session to explore how Student Success Coaches at Northeast Mississippi Community College creatively streamlined a cumbersome workweek task--freeing them up to focus on students rather than a time-intensive workflow. This discussion will explore aspects of leadership principles, strategic planning, and common office applications. 




11:00 - 11:50am (CST)

Marie Roberts from Lauderdale County School District



Personalized Learning - Everyone Gets Their Own Canvas

Making the shift to a student-centered approach means thinking differently about the role of the learner from receiver of learning to active participant, and Canvas LMS offers many tools to create opportunities for student voice and choice within the learning environment.In this session, we'll investigate the power of personalized learning, showcase how to allow students to have input on the learning topics that they feel passionate about, and describe how to create choice opportunities for presentation can have a deep impact on the student learning experience. (General)

Jonah Versman, Class Technologies



A New Approach to Online Learning with "Class"

The explosion of distance education has spawned many new learning modalities and thousands of teaching tools that online instructors are using to engage their students. Our goal with "Class", the virtual classroom built on Zoom, was to unify all those teaching tools under one roof, to better accommodate any learning modality. With “Class”, online instructors can push out multiple activities for students to complete in one place. They can proctor exams, view all their Breakout Rooms at once, and see real time student engagement data. Please join us for a short interactive demo of “Class”, where we’ll show how we’ve redesigned the online classroom with teaching and learning in mind. (General)

Apple Inc.




Using Technology To Engage Students Deeply in Their Learning via Creativity

iPad and Mac enable students and teachers to expand the ways they think and create. It becomes the tool they need when they need it, whether it’s a calculator, a word processor, or a full production studio. In this session, we will show a myriad of apps to take your students' creativity to the next level. (General) *This session will not be recorded.

Carlena Benjamin, Northeast MS Community College



 Movie Magic: Using Green Screen Effects with iMovie

Incorporating green screens into media projects can embed opportunities for students to create and reflect on learning through expressive and personalized ways.  This immersive learning experience can promote student engagement, spark interest in the subject matter, and illustrate the relevance of many concepts.  In this session, participants will explore ways green screen effects in iMovie can be used in teaching and learning and walk away with creative ideas to captivate students by making projects interesting and enjoyable. (General)



Lunch Break - 12:00 - 12:50pm

1:00 - 1:50pm

Karen Bosch, Former Pre K Educator



Procreate: the Not Just for Pros Workshop!

You don’t need to be a professional to take advantage of the amazing creative features of the Procreate app on your iPad. This hands-on session will introduce you to key Procreate features including brushes, layers, text, and more. We’ll also explore ways this app can enhance learning through illustrations, sketchnotes, and more. To participate in this session, you’ll need an iPad with the Procreate app downloaded. An Apple Pencil or stylus is suggested but not necessary. (General)


Reginald Matthews, Southwest MS Community College



Chrome Extensions in Classroom 2022

Extensions in Google Chrome allow you to give it extra features outside of its ordinary functions. This presentation will include some extensions that teachers and administrators can use to help teaching and their overall workday more productive and effective. Some of these extensions can be used outside of the classroom, also. (General)


Chuck Langston from Gordon County Schools



Getting the Most out of Your Classroom iPads

This session will cover productivity and accessibility tips for the classroom. We will go over best workflows and practices for students and teachers. We will go over ways to customize the device for individual learners and allow for maximum efficiency for the educator. The iPad can be a powerful tool for equity in the classroom. Join us as we unlock the potential for all of our learners and educators to succeed (General).



Terri Cullen from Arkansas Tech University



Ideas for Incorporating Virtual Reality into your Teaching

This session will not only define Virtual Reality and XR (Extended reality) for attendees but also show some ideas for incorporating it into your teaching even if you only have one headset (General).



2:00 - 2:50pm




Transform Your Classroom Instruction with Explain Everything

Explain Everything on the iPad turns the iPad into a mobile interactive board in your hand. This allows teachers to move around their classroom as they teach. Explain Everything also allows teachers to record their instruction without any additional work and place their classroom instruction on Youtube or in LMS's like Canvas. Join us to learn how you can transform your classroom instruction by pairing the iPad with Explain Everything. (General) *This session will not be recorded.

Nick Jackson, Northeast MS Community College



Staying Safe in the Digital Age

Americans lose $15 billion annually due to identify theft. In this session, we will explore simple steps to increase your overall security and reduce the risk of falling victim to cybercrimes. (General)

Steve Hartnett and Keith Konyk from Elizabeth Forward School District


That's My Jam - Playlists within your Canvas Course!

Following school closures in 2020, students and parents of Elizabeth Forward School District were provided a survey to share their experiences with remote learning. One thing that was clear from the survey results was that students and parents felt that their experience within the district’s Learning Management System (Canvas) needed to be simplified and streamlined. Using the Modern Teacher Framework, Elizabeth Forward School District implemented the concept of learning playlists within Canvas the following school year. These playlists are now utilized across the entire school district and have allowed for a more user-friendly experience for all constituents. Learn what a learning playlist is, how to create a playlist, and see examples from a variety of grade levels and subjects! (K-12)

Taylor Yarbrough from Mississippi State University



Round One: Distracters vs the Educator – Interactive Course Content.

Creating engaging, interactive, and creative educational content is imperative in our fast-paced, technology-driven world. Educators find themselves in a persistent struggle to compete with the distractions of daily life and entertainment to which students now have access. Creating course content that stands apart and grabs the student's attention is easier now than ever with free and paid educational technologies. This session will outline several Edutech tools, implementation in the online learning environment, and best practices for creating and using engaging course content. While the primary objective of this session is to outline engaging course content in the online environment, many of the tools and strategies presented can be implemented in the traditional educational setting. (General)




3:00 - 3:50pm

Katie Fielding from Prince William County Schools



Assessment Outside the Boundaries of a Bubble Sheet

Creative assessment unlock so much potential for supporting students in a Universal Design for Learning (UDL) focused Blended Learning Environment. Using Canva, Book Creator, and Adobe Creative Cloud Express as examples Ill share best practices to use these creative tools in Canvas. (Grades  7 - 12)


Emily Pollard from Northeast MS Community College



Digital Notebooks: Homework the Dog Can’t Eat

Do your students have the excuse their dog ate their homework?  Maybe not that extreme, but forgetting papers or even where to find the work can be an obstacle in education. Join Emily in learning how to create and utilize digital and interactive notebooks in the classroom. (General)


Chris Turnbull from Saint Paul Public Schools



Level Up With Student Tech Leaders

Need to teach your students technology skills for distance, hybrid, or classroom learning or to learn about technology-related careers? Let them teach each other! Our student tech teams leveled up their tech skills and earned badges through asynchronous course resources, and then put their skills to work through service learning to support their teachers and classmates. (General)