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The NEMCC Division of Workforce Training and Economic Development offers advanced training for all customer segments.  We deliver training courses at Northeast facilities or at the industry location.

We engage with organizations throughout the year to assist them with training projects. The legislature allocates funding through continuation of the Mississippi Workforce and Education Act of 1994.  In a typical year, Northeast Workforce writes more than 50 industry training projects.  We invest more than $1 million of state funding in the organizations located in our five counties. Last year, more than ten thousand individuals received more than 250,000 hours of training on behalf of our organizational partners.

Current courses include the industrial maintenance workforce certificate, welding certifications, and a production technician certification.  We also provide custom training based on industry needs ranging from off-the-shelf safety topics to advanced and technical operations.  Looking to improve the quality of your applicants?  Northeast offers a variety of pre-employment screening assessments that helps you get the right person in the right job.  To learn more about our services, see the Industry Support Cutsheet 2019.  Contact us today to get started!  Email or call 662-696-2304.

Updated on June 3rd, 2019