Career Pathways

NEMCC offers Certifications through the NEMCC Career Pathways Program (CPP). The FREE classes follow a new, accelerated model which integrates basic skills instruction with technical training allowing students to complete certification in as little as 6-8 months depending on each student’s schedule and  availability. The CPP offers skills training and employment opportunities in multiple sectors sharing a common Information Technology (IT) foundation. The coursework content is driven by industry and employers and will allow you to enter the workforce earlier with your new skill set.

At NEMCC, the Department of Workforce and Economic Development hopes to retrain the workforce through CAREER PATHWAYS to address the critical challenges facing trade-impacted workers and to meet the high demand for IT workers in Northeast Mississippi. The goal of the CPP is to support adult learners with career related goals and to strengthen their preparation for further education and training. The priority is to assist students in acquiring the academic skills, career readiness skills and information necessary to gain access to a career pathway.

Workforce Career Pathways

The Workforce Career Pathways Program addresses current Mississippi job postings and projections data also known as “real-time labor and market information.” Traditional labor market information provides future projections in jobs and average annual job openings in industry due to attrition from 2014 – 2024. Data suggests a 26.8% increase in industrial IT jobs in Northeast Mississippi over the next ten years, a 34% increase in healthcare IT jobs in Northeast Mississippi over the next ten years and a 26.2% increase in computer IT jobs in Northeast Mississippi over the next ten years. View the video below for a brief description of our program.

Industrial Maintenance Basic Tech – The Industrial Maintenance Basic Tech certificate provides a solid foundation for the IT maintenance occupation and a solid foundation for a student planning to enter the parallel Associate Degree program at NEMCC. IMIT_pathway_Overivew with graphic

Medical Business and Office Assisting IT – The Medical Office Assisting IT certificate is designed for a student who wants to work in an entry-level position in a medical or business office as well as a foundation for the parallel Associate Degree program.  It_Health_Pathway_Overview with graphic

Microcomputer/Information Systems – The IT Microcomputer/Information Systems certificate provides a solid foundation for the computing, programing, and security technology occupation as well as a foundation for an associate’s degree at NEMCC. Microcomputer IT_pathway_overview with graphic

Career/Technical Pathways

Did you know that you can earn full, transferrable college credit even before you finish your HSE? choose from one of 5 high-demand, middle-skills fields, complete your basic courses, then choose between a condensed workforce certificate or a complete Associate’s degree.

Accounting Technology – Do you like numbers? How about this: entry-level accounting jobs are projected to grow by 12% at the state level.

Business/Marketing Management – Good pay, 11% job growth projection.

Computer Technology – Computer support specialists are in demand; national job growth is 12%.

Healthcare Data Technology – 35% job growth at the state level!

Hospitality Management – is a growing business in Mississippi. Hotels and restaurant business is growing. Managers in these fields earn $46K+!

For a program overview, consult the link for additional information: CAREER PATHWAYS BROCHURE 


The CPP prepares each student for additional industry certifications which correspond to a specific class offering:

Career Readiness National, CompTia A+, CPR, GED® Test, HISET™ Exam, IC3, Manufacturing Skills Basic, NCCR Core, OPAC-Computer Applications, OPAC-Business Communications, OPAC-Medical Terminology, Microsoft Office Specialist, OSHA 10, Skills USA Employability, Skills USA Customer Service, and Smart Start Pathway, TASC™ Exam.


Obtaining College Credits

A Workforce Career Certificate will be awarded to the student who completes all requirements for the CPP and Continuing Education Unit (CEU) credits will be awarded for each course completed. In addition to CEU credits, students can attempt “credit for college work” by requesting college credit by examination. College credit by examination will be awarded to the student who scores a satisfactory grade on the challenge exam which corresponds to a particular course offered in the WCPP and will award a “Z” grade for college credit. “Z grade credits” can only apply toward a degree at NEMCC, are non-transferable, and do not contribute to the student GPA.  Consult the Non-Credit to Challenge Exam Credit link for additional information.

Enrollment Procedures

Applicant must complete the NEMCC Smart Start prior to enrollment. Click the Smart Start Enrollment Schedule 2016-2017 for enrollment dates and contact information.


Students must register for all classes during any Smart Start Enrollment  (notice schedule and locations above). A Career Navigator will counsel the student and create a class schedule. All classes have maximum and minimum enrollment requirements; classes will be open for enrollment until the maximum occupancy is reached. After the maximum enrollment is reached, the class will be closed for enrollment and students will be registered in the next subsequent class offering.  Classes which DO NOT reach a minimum registration of students will be cancelled.

Contact Us

Through the Career Pathways Program, NEMCC Department of Workforce and Economic Development strives to impact the community with opportunity for individuals to increase their employability and at the same time benefits employers by training potential employees to be competent in the workplace. If you are interested in attaining one of our Career Pathway Certifications, contact us TODAY for enrollment procedures to get you started in our classes very quickly. We enroll new students every 4-6 weeks! Contact us today to sign up for the next available NEMCC Smart Start and get started today on a path to a better future!

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