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Amber and Ericka race to see who can change a tire the fastest at Toyota’s tire changing activity.

C2C Students attend the 2016 Career Expo Fair

October 5, 2016, C2C students attended the 2016 Career Expo Fair in Tupelo MS. The fair was organized to inform Northeast Mississippi about  careers, career pathways and educational opportunities in the area. C2C students enjoyed the hands on experience which allowed them to actually participate in various simulations which represented what they might be doing on various jobs. Students had plenty of time to obtain detailed information about how they might prepare themselves for a particular job of interest and were given opportunity to dialogue with the employers who were recruiting for potential employees.




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Northeast at Tishomingo County Smart Start Course

Northeast Mississippi Community College (NEMCC) Adult Basic Educations (ABE) students participate in group activities during the Smart Start Course at Northeast at Golden. Students signed up for the ABE program, some to obtain a much needed High School Equivalency (HSE) and some to obtain a Career Pathway Certification. The course was designed to equip students with the necessary skills needed to fill the “middle-skill” job gap in the state. Currently, only 37.1% of the state workforce have the necessary skills for 66.3% of middle-skill level jobs; this means that there is a job gap of 29.2 percent. The Mississippi Community College Board will award a certificate of completion to students who complete the course. The Smart Start Course is just one of many components in the Mississippi Combined Plan aimed at equipping individuals with necessary middle-skills needed to be competitive in today’s job market.





Smart Start Cross-Training Conference

July 27, 2016, Northeast Mississippi Community College President (NEMCC), Ricky Ford welcomed participants to the Smart Start Cross-Training Conference at NE at Corinth. Director of Adult Basic Education and WIOA Youth Pam Meeks and Vice President of Workforce Nadara Cole, organized this conference to highlight the new Mississippi Works Smart Start Career Pathway Model. The model is part of the Mississippi Combined Plan developed by the State Workforce Investment Board Office of the Governor to streamline and improve the existing workforce system; the aim is to close the “middle-skill job gap and increase workforce participation rates.” The “middle-skill” job gap exists in the state of Mississippi because only 37.1% of the state workforce have the necessary skills for 66.3% of middle-skill level jobs. Governor Phil Bryant’s plan is to “create a workforce system so that every Mississippian has the opportunity to be work- or career-ready and secure his or her dream job right here at home.”

Ms. Pam Meeks overviewed the conference by explaining how the NEMCC Department of Workforce and Economic Development would work diligently with all primary state education and workforce partners to implement the new Mississippi Combined Plan. The new plan “integrates programs and improves efficiency in service delivery across partners, with particular focus on individuals with barriers to employment.” The conference was the first of many future collaborations between NEMCC workforce education programs and local workforce partners such as: Area Agency on Aging (AAA), Department of Human Services (DHS), Mississippi Development Authority (MDA), Mississippi Department of Employment Security (MDES), Mississippi Department of Human Services (MDHS), and the Mississippi Department of Rehabilitation Services (MDRS).

Local workforce education programs and local workforce partners commit to work together implementing the State Smart Start Career Pathway Model which is composed of three career pathways: Smart Start Pathway, Career/Technical Pathway, and Work Ready Pathway. The state integrated pathway model is a cross-program highlighting non-duplicative assessments, non-duplicative skills, and non-duplicative assets. Pathway program innovates and streamlines individualized education and multiple entry/exit points. A state approved and industry recognized credential will be awarded to Smart Start Pathway completers; skills training and education equips Mississippians to exit immediately after program completion and move quickly into high demand jobs.

MAC Davis

Northeast Mississippi College ABE Student Receives MAACE Student of the Year Award

During the recent 2016 MS Association of Adult and Community Education (MAACE) Annual Conference, Mackenzie Davis from NEMCC (Northeast Mississippi Community College) received the 2016 MAACE Student of the Year Award. Each year, MAACE members nominate individuals within the Adult Basic Education (ABE) program in Mississippi who have demonstrated exceptional performance within the department. This year, in the historic Vicksburg, MS, 412 MAACE members nominated over 1000 individuals to be considered for various awards.

Mackenzie Davis, affectionately known to all at NEMCC as “Mack”, began his journey toward obtaining his High School Equivalency (HSE) in 2009 after completing a Special Education Diploma from Thrasher Attendance Center. He quickly realized that in order to accomplish his career goals, he would need to further his education. Mack had struggled academically throughout his young life and sought help from the ABE center in Booneville, MS for career and educational counseling. The late Mrs. Madeene Lambert, a former ABE instructor at NEMCC, utilized various learning assessments and created Mack an individualized success plan. Mack progressed slowly by increasing one learning level at a time. He ultimately completed his HSE in early May of 2016, just in time for the 2016 graduation! Not only did Mack earn his HSE, but he also gained three hours of college credits via Non-Credit to Challenge Exam Credit which he can apply towards an associate’s degree at NEMCC. Mack is currently enrolled in the Workforce Career Pathway Certification Program and is working diligently to complete a certification in Medical and Business Office Assisting.




Northeast Mississippi College ABE Employee Receives MAACE Support Staff of the Year Award

During the recent 2016 MS Association of Adult and Community Education (MAACE) Annual Conference, Mrs. Angie Bass, Assistant Career Pathway Coordinator from Northeast Mississippi Community College (NEMCC) was received the 2016 MAACE Support Staff of the Year Award. Each year, MAACE members nominate individuals within the Adult Basic Education (ABE) program in Mississippi who have demonstrated exceptional performance within the department. This year, in the historic Vicksburg, MS, 412 members nominated over 1000 individuals to be considered for various awards. The MAACE Support Staff of the Year Award recognizes ABE staff who are not ABE instructors but significantly contribute to the ABE program and demonstrate excellence in service to the program.

NEMCC Director of ABE and Distance Learning, Pam Meeks proudly nominated Mrs. Bass for the 2016 MAACE Support Staff of the Year Award. Mrs. Bass had already been awarded the NEMCC 2016 ABE Support Staff of the Year Award during the 2016 ABE graduation/award ceremony held on May 16, 2016 in Seth Pounds Auditorium. Mrs. Meeks stated that this was a well-deserved award for an individual who had well-served the NEMCC ABE department for 17 years. Congratulations to Mrs. Bass for her accomplishments!




NEMCC 2015 – 2016 ABE Teacher of the Year Award

Mrs. Wilda Pounds

Mrs. Wilda Pounds was selected to receive the 2015 – 2016 Teacher of the Year Award. Mrs. Wilda is the ABE instructor at our Booneville campus where she has taught as ABE instructor for 2 1/2 years. A former Physical Science and Astronomy instructor at NEMCC, Mrs. Pounds is a great asset to our department. This year, Mrs. Pounds had 20 individuals to complete their High School Equivalencies. Congratulations for all your accomplishments!



Bryan HollandNEMCC 2015-2016 Student of the Year Nominee

Bryan Holland

Like many high school students, Bryan found it difficult to “fit in” in high school.  He felt “invisible” to his teachers and fellow classmates. When one feels like an outsider in school, one tends to shut down, shut out, and disengage.  This is what happened to Bryan Holland.

Bryan entered GED class in November 2015, at our Corinth center.  After completing Professional Development and earning 3 hours of college credit, from passing the challenge exam; he decided he wanted to do more than just GED.  Therefore, Bryan dual enrolled in our Career Pathway Industrial Maintenance program in January 2016 and he continued to attend GED classes.  Bryan attended class four nights per week, he never faltered, he never missed a day, and he never complained.

In April 2016, Bryan earned his GED.  In May 2016, he completed his Industrial Maintenance course and is now working on his last class to complete the NEMCC Workforce Career Certification in Industrial Maintenance.  Along the way, he has earned a Gold certification on the CRC, two certifications from Skills USA – in Customer Service and Employability; passed a college challenge exam, is preparing for three more college challenge exams, has earned the Manufacturing Skills Basic certification, passed the OSHA 10 exam, became CPR certified, AND is currently about half way through a Microcomputer Applications course, after which, he will attempt the IC3 certification exam.

Bryan now works with other GED students as a peer tutor, has been interviewed and filmed as a spotlight student for a marketing video for IM, and plans to continue his education by enrolling at NEMCC this fall.  All this from a quiet, shy, disengaged student that walked through our door only 6 months ago! Talk about “coming in like a lamb and out like a lion”….he has far exceeded any expectations we had for him or those he

had for himself. He is humble, still a little shy, but walking taller than he ever did before.


Nominated by Ms. DeAnne Smith and Angela K. Bass



Aleisha McDonald

NEMCC 2015-2016 Student of the Year Nominee

Aelisha McDonald

Aelisha has had her share of obstacles, but instead of letting her difficulties get her down, she uses them as motivation to make a better life for herself and her family.  After going through a devastating divorce, Aelisha found herself raising her three boys, one of who is special needs, alone.  She had been laid off from her office job in the furniture industry, and she was finding it difficult to find anything comparable without her high school diploma.  She decided to do something about it.

In July 2015, Aelisha enrolled in classes at NEMCC’s Iuka Lab and started her journey toward her GED.  Soon, however family matters and the necessity of finding work—even if it was low-wage and temporary—caused her to have to drop out.  This was not the end of the road for Aelisha, though.  By December, she was able to re-enroll in classes, and by the end of January 2016, she had earned her GED.  While in classes at Iuka for her high school credential, Aelisha also entered into the Medical and Business Office Assisting MI-Best Career Pathway.  She was enrolled in three classes counting toward that certification, and continued to attend those after earning her GED.

Since becoming exposed to the possibilities that exist for her and further exploring her interests, Aelisha has decided she wants to go above and beyond a career certification, and has begun the process of gaining acceptance into the Medical Lab Technology Program at Northeast.  She plans to start in that program in the Fall, 2016 semester.  With her drive and determination, Aelisha is sure to be a success in anything she does.


Nominated by Ms. Rachel Norman


Anna Glidewell

NEMCC 2015-2016 Student of the Year Nominee

Anna Glidewell

Anna Glidewell, realized that without a GED, she would not be able to obtain a degree or her desired job, so she decided to enroll in NEMCC’s ABE and C2C Youth Program. After concluding the C2C program and obtaining her GED, Glidewell enrolled at NEMCC in August of 2014 as a Psychology major but later changed her major to Business Administration. Glidewell was recently honored in Washington, D.C. as one of the “top 10 in Marketing Management” during the national collegiate DECA competition representing NEMCC. After participating in the state DECA conference in Southaven Mississippi, she qualified to compete nationally after placing 1st in Business Research and 2nd in Market Management. In Washington, D.C. Glidewell completed the semi-finals and competed against 15 other finalists during the 2nd round of competition. “She was again called up on stage and placed in the top 10 in Marketing Management,” stated NEMCC Business and Management Marketing Tech Instructor, Vickie Huggins.

Anna graduated from NEMCC with an Associate’s Degree last week and plans to further her education at the University of Mississippi where she plans to double major in General Studies and Marketing/Corporate Relations. Anna’s dream is to work as a Director of Marketing and Public Relations in a hospital or public firm.

“I’ll never forget the relationships that I have built with my teacher and peers,” says Anna Glidewell. “This benefit will last a lifetime.”


Nominated by Cassandra Evans


MacKenzie DavisNEMCC 2015-2016 Student of the Year Nominee

MacKenzie Davis

Mack can’t keep from smiling these days. At twenty-eight, he is striving to reach new heights in his educational journey and is successfully clearing the hurdles one leap at a time. In 2009, Mack began his journey to pass his GED.  He had recently graduated from Thrasher High School with a Special Education Diploma.  We all knew that it would be a difficult journey for Mack and the odds of him dropping out of classes was high.  However, Mack proved all of us wrong!

For the past six years, Mack has been attending classes.  Mack’s mom would drop him off at McDonald’s at 6 a.m. and he would hang out there until the building opened at 7.  He has even walked to school when he didn’t have a ride. Mack attended ABE classes for several years.  He never gave up even though he saw other students pass their GED quickly.  Mack continued to have an upbeat, optimistic attitude about class, instruction, and fellow students.  He never gave up.  Mack always did each activity – encouraging the other students and adding fun to each project.

His hard work has finally paid off because he passed his GED last month.  In addition, he earned college credit in Professional Development.  Rather than take time off, Mack immediately enrolled in Word Processing at Northeast in Corinth. The sky is the limit for Mack!


Nominated by Wilda Pounds, Dale Michael, and Pam Meeks




toriNEMCC 2015-2016 Student of the Year Nominee

Tori Kwasinski


Responsibility came early for Tori Kwasinski. At age 14, Tori left school even though it was not something she wanted to do. She loved school, and she loved learning.  However, she had two family members who required daily care because of medical issues.  During this time of aiding her family, she always found an opportunity to educate herself.  Any spare time she had, she would study.  She was waiting to be old enough to enroll in GED classes.  At age 17, Tori was able to enroll in class.  After completing all the steps to enroll in GED class, as well as C2C class, another obstacle appeared.  Her mother’s medical problems intensified, and Tori had to put her plans on hold.

Finally in the fall of 2015, Tori got the opportunity for which she had waited so long.  She enrolled in GED and C2C classes and excelled.  In the short span of three months, she had completed her GED.  She also completed all aspects of the C2C program including the work experience.

Even though she has completed her GED, Tori still attends class to study for her ACT.  She is always willing to take time to help other students with areas they are struggling with.  Tori is in the process of enrolling in Northeast, so she can major in Psychology.   Tori sees a career in the mental health field as the optimal career for her lifes’s mission:  to help people!


Nominated by Jane Billingsley and Charlie Smart.


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