Applying for Benefits

Northeast Mississippi Community College is an approved institution for the verification of veteran education benefits. More information regarding eligibility, entitlement and types of programs authorized for benefits may be obtained by calling the Veterans Administration Regional Office or by visiting the Veterans Administration Website.

The tables below describe the required documents in reference to benefit type. Once you have submitted all required documents to the Office of Veterans Services at the campus you will attend and you have been determined to be eligible for assistance, the VA Certifying Official will verify your enrollment. After verification, adding or dropping courses from your class schedule will affect your certification and eligibility status.

To receive benefits, follow the steps below to complete your benefits packet.

Step 1 Complete Application for Admission.

Step 2 Request official transcripts from ALL previous institutions attended. Please request transcripts to be sent to Office of Enrollment Services – 101 Cunningham Blvd. Booneville, MS 38829.

Step 3 Register for classes

Step 4 Contact the Veterans Office in Ramsey Hall 104. Students must visit the veteran’s office prior to each semester they plan to receive benefits.

Required forms (Please make a copy of the forms once completed – Applications may be completed in the VA office at Northeast.)

Chapter 30, 31, 33

  • DD 214
  • Certificate of release from active duty
  • Application 22 – 1990
  • (Application for GI Bill) and Certificate of Eligibility Letter from Veterans Affairs Administration

Chapter 1606 and 1607 Selected Reservists

For entering freshman:

  • DD 214 
  • Certificate of release from active duty
  • NOBE 2384 Notice of Basic Eligibility from Reserve Unit
  • Application 22 – 1990   (application for GI Bill) and Certificate of Eligibility Letter from Veterans Affairs Administration
  • Additionally for transfer students*:

Chapter 35 Dependents

For entering freshman:

Additionally for transfer students*:

*All transfer students will require a degree evaluation from the VA Certifying Official once official transcripts from all previous colleges have been received by NEMCC