The Chronicle of Higher Education names NEMCC a "Great College to Work For"

July 23, 2018
 National awards continue to come in for Northeast Mississippi Community College.
In its latest honor, Northeast was named one of The Chronicle of Higher Education’s Great Colleges to Work For when the national organization released its rankings last week.
Northeast was last honored on The Chronicle of Higher Education’s Great Colleges to Work For list in 2014.
To be part of The Chronicle’s Great Colleges to Work For, Northeast employees were randomly selected from a list of full-time employees randomly selected across the college’s four job categories – administration, faculty, exempt professional staff and non-exempt staff. Adjunct faculty was also included in the rankings for two-year colleges according to The Chronicle of Higher Education.
At the end of the evaluation process, Northeast was awarded for its teaching environment.
“Northeast provides a top-caliber educational experience with state-of-the-art technology available to students for instruction,” said Northeast president Ricky Ford in his presidential statement for the award. “Each employee comes to work with the attitude of helping others and moving our students to the forefront with high-quality instruction.”
In total, colleges were honored in 12 different categories from The Chronicle of Higher Education.
Categories included collaborative governance; compensation and benefits; confidence in senior leadership; diversity; facilities, workspace and security; job satisfaction; professional/career development programs; respect and appreciation; supervisor/department chair relationship; teaching environment (faculty only); tenure clarity and process (four-year faculty only) and work/life balance.
Just 84 colleges and universities were recognized for their employment practices with schools being sorted into two classifications – four-year colleges/universities and two-year institutions. In each classification, total undergraduate and graduate enrollment made up the sizing groups – small (500 to 2,999 students), medium (3,000-9,999 students and large (more than 10,000 students).
In the four-year category, 10 schools with the highest survey score were included in each sizing grouping – small, medium and large – for a total of 30 schools that could receive the honor but in the community college class, those were cut down into just four schools per sizing class with Northeast taking one of the medium class spots.
Recognition in each of the Great Colleges to Work For categories signaled excellence from the college selected for each award.
For Northeast, the Booneville-based community college was one of four institutions in medium size group to be awarded for teaching environment (faculty only) with only 12 community colleges receiving commendations for their work in the teaching environment (faculty only).
“It is a pleasure to work with some of the smartest individuals anywhere — all very innovative in their respective fields of expertise, making Northeast one of the greatest places to work,” Ford said.
This year’s survey was administered by ModernThink LLC, which is a human-resources-consulting firm based in Wilmington, Del. and built the 2018 assessment on a survey that has been used to select the 55 “Best Places to Work” out of more than 4,000 organizations. A panel of higher-education experts helped customize the survey to the unique issues that a college or university faces.
Overall, surveys were sent to over 121,000 employees throughout the four-year and two-year educational spectrum with more than 7,500 responses from administrators, 18,103 from faculty members, more than 15,000 from exempt staff members, more than 1,300 from adjunct faculty members, and about 11,300 from non-exempt staff members in lower-paid job categories.

Source: TigerWire

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Written by Michael H Miller

Michael H Miller is the Public Information Specialist at Northeast Mississippi Community College.