Tutoring Services

NEMCC students are afforded additional classroom assistance in the form of tutoring services. Students who are in our Career Technical Education programs are able to access high quality, professionally led tutoring offered in our Math and English labs located in Dean Hall.

Individual Peer Tutoring

Free peer tutoring is available at no cost to all NEMCC students.  Student may schedule appointments through nemcc.mywconline.com or by visiting the Student Success Center located in Wright Hall.

*Please remember, for CTE students, the professionally staffed Math Lab and English Lab in Dean Hall are to be recommended prior to peer tutoring for English composition and math courses. The Writing Center in Wright Hall is available to all to assist with writing.

Become a Tutor

Students interested in being a tutor can apply here or by visiting the Student Success Center in Wright Hall.


NetTutor is a free-to-students, online tutoring service and can be accessed 24/7 through the student’s Canvas account. If assistance is needed on how to access this service, students are encouraged to consult with their instructors or speak with the Counseling Center.

This three-pronged approach – (1) Math & English Labs, (2) 24/7 Online Tutoring, and (3) Individual Peer Tutoring – works to provide NEMCC students with the additional assistance to be very successful!

External Tutoring/Helpful Links



    • Citation Styles (provides info. on electronic citations, as well as, MLA and APA guidelines)

English Literature & World Literature

American Literature

MAT 0123 – Beginning Algebra

 MAT 1313 – College Algebra

MAT 1323 – Trigonometry

Principles of Chemistry (CHE 1313) and Organic and Biochemistry Survey (CHE 1413)

General Chem (CHE 1213)

BIO 1114 and BIO 1124

Anatomy and Physiology