The Beacon

The Beacon (College Publications)

The Beacon is the authorized electronic newspaper of Northeast Mississippi Community College. Prepared and edited by the students with a faculty advisor, the paper follows standards set by the Mississippi Community/Junior College Press Association and the Mississippi Press Association.

Following the trend of modern American newspapers, The Beacon, like other members of the Press Association, attempts to maintain high standards of truth, dignity, honesty, and decency in news, editorials, and advertisements. The Beacon may be viewed on the NEMCC website at the link The Beacon Online.

Any student enrolled at Northeast Mississippi Community College may become a member of the paper staff. The Beacon staff members must enroll in JOU 1111 or 1121 (freshman) or 2111 or 2121 (sophomore).

Northeast students are encouraged to submit worthy articles to the The Beacon staff for publication. Such articles may represent the free expression of students in words but must not, in any way, appear to materially or substantially interfere with the orderly operation of the college or with the rights of others. Recognized clubs and organizations may express themselves also through the The Beacon. As the The Beacon is the official student publication, no other printed materials are authorized as a means for student expression.

Although students and organizations may freely express themselves through The Beacon, all articles are subject to responsible journalism, including the avoidance of libel, indecency, obscenity, undocumented allegations and techniques of harassment and innuendo. All articles submitted for publication will be reviewed by The Beacon editor and the faculty advisor.

Past editions of The Beacon can be located at the links below.

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