Public Information Office

Northeast Mississippi Community College’s Office of Public Information continues to strive to communicate the purpose of the college to the community. It serves in an informative and factual manner by operating as a clearinghouse for all college information and disseminating information to the general public through the area media outlets in a fashion that will enhance the image of the college.

In addition, the Public Information staff assists with arrangements and publicity for special college events and promotes Northeast’s program of intercollegiate athletics to the media and to the general public.

All media coverage of any event related to the college should be/is arranged by the Public Information Office.

Northeast’s Public Information staff also provides sponsorship for student publications. These publications provide opportunities for student journalists and photographers and disseminate information about the college community.

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Public Information

(Revised August 2014)

The Public Information Office (PIO) at Northeast is responsible for the broad spectrum of communications as it concerns Northeast Mississippi Community College. Media relations, publicity, publications and advertising should be coordinated through the Public Information Office.

All publications should be referred to the PIO for review prior to being produced and released. Media releases may also require approval by the president of the college. Only requests for college-related activities will be accepted. In order to maximize the activities of the PIO, the following information provides an outline of services performed by and available through the PIO.

Deadlines for area weekly papers are Monday at noon. However, information should be submitted to the Public Information Office two weeks prior to an event and immediately following an event (not more than one week after it has taken place).

Public Service Announcements: Community and Governmental Relations announcements (PSAs) are sent to radio/television stations as deemed appropriate. PSAs must be sent out two weeks in advance for proper coverage.

Special Events Coverage

The PIO provides coverage of special events on campus such as the fine arts productions, science fair, math/science tournaments, etc. At least one-week prior notice is required for coverage of a special event.

Requests should be made to the PIO using the appropriate form or by e-mail, not by telephone message.

Requests for television coverage should be made as far in advance as possible.

Sports Coverage

Sports press releases and radio/television public service announcements are distributed to all local and regional media. Following all home athletic events, scores and statistics are reported to area news outlets in the college’s five-county coverage area.

Press releases are sent to hometown newspapers of out-of-district and out-of-state athletes. Coaches are responsible for securing the assistance of student workers who maintain statistics and other data on each sporting event. The PIO is responsible for disseminating any statistical information to the public.

Information related to individual players such as scholarship offers, outstanding performance, etc. is provided to the news media through the PIO.


Photographs are made of student events, special awards, sports events, etc. to send to the area newspapers for publicity purposes. Photos of out-of-district and out-of-state students will be sent to the appropriate newspaper. At least two days’ (48 hours) notice is required for scheduling photography services. Only requests for college-related activities will be accepted.

The instructor must schedule photographs of students graduating from programs of study requiring photographs for licensure examination applications at least seven (7) working days prior to the postmark deadline.

The entire class will be photographed on the same scheduled date at the same time.

A camera is available from the PIO Office for club pictures, trips, etc.


All college materials and information for dissemination to the public should be channeled through the PIO for assistance with the communication process.


Advertising for the college is prepared and/or approved by the PIO. Divisions requesting advertising must first obtain approval from the Executive Vice President

College Publications (Commercial Printing)

The PIO is available to assist with copy writing, layout and design and production of college publications for divisions, departments, and special events. The PIO will arrange production details with the printer.

Divisions requesting commercial printing must first obtain approval from the Executive Vice President.

Requests for Publicity

Requests for publicity should be made using the Request for Publicity Form.


Northeast’s Public Information Office as well as the college publications’ office is on the second floor of the Haney Union.


Northeast’s Office of Public Information is under the direction of Tony Finch. Finch can be reached at 662-720-7304 or email

Michael Miller serves as the Public Information Specialist and can be reached at 662-720-7421 or at

Northeast’s Office of Public Information is also the location for the school’s Sports Information Director Blake Long, who can be reached at 662-720-7448 or at