About Us:

The Mission of Phi Beta Lambda is:

• Bring business and education together in a positive working relationship through innovative leadership and career development programs
• Gain a competitive edge through career exploration, networking with business leaders, and self-improvement, community service, and travel opportunities.


How will PBL benifit me?

Learn New Skills:Our Chapter organizes all kinds of career-focused workshops, seminars, job fairs and other skill-building activities to help improve our members’ college experience as well as prepare them for entering today’s job market.

  • Make New Connections
  • As a PBL member, you will get the opportunity to mingle with successful business leaders and establish life-long professional connections. In addition, you will meet other career-focused students just like you with whom you can build lasting friendships that are sure to enhance your college experience.
  • Win Awards
  • By participating in any of the competitive events hosted at PBL State and National Leadership Conferences, our members have a chance to win scholarships, money, and countless other awards and prizes!
  • Make a Difference
  • We collaborate with local non-profit organizations, educational institutions and government representatives regularly to offer our input on ways to improve our communities.
  • Discover Your Inner Leader
  • As a member of PBL, you will engage in team-building exercises and other real-world business scenarios to help improve your confidence, self-discipline, and ability to effectively communicate. Through challenge and encouragement, we will work with you to help you develop into a true business leader.
  • Travel to New Places

Each year, FBLA-PBL National organizes a handful of events at destinations across the U.S. that are open for all members to attend. Cities full of sites and attractions, such as Orlando, San Antonio, Nashville, and Anaheim, California are a few of the exciting locations that have been chosen for PBL events in recent years.

Officer Duties:

Well-qualified and dependable officers are crucial to the growth of any PBL chapter.
Effective leaders will:

  • Provide an environment where all members will grow professionally.
  • Include all members in a dynamic program of work.
  • Conduct the business of the chapter using proper parliamentary procedure.
  • Maintain complete, current records and minutes.
  • Encourage individual and chapter participation in conferences.
  • Develop and impliment a strong publicity program.

The election of officers is a serious matter, not a popularity contest. Qualifications, both in record and in character, must be the primary consideration. Candidates who are willing to accept a leadership role and work hard in preparation to perform their duties make the most effective leaders.


  • Presides over and conducts meetings according to accepted parliamentary procedure.
  • Keeps members and discussion on track.
  • Appoints all committees and serves as an ex officio member to each.
  • Coordinates chapter activities by keeping in close touch with the other officers, the membership, and the advisor.
  • Calls special meetings as needed.
  • Promotes the growth and development of PBL

Vice President

  • Assists the president in the discharge of duties.
  • Presides at meetings in the absence of the president.
  • Is prepared to assume the duties and responsibilities of the president should the need arise.
  • Oversees all committee work and management of assignments.
  • Serves as an ex officio member of chapter committees.


  • Keeps accurate records of the regular and executive committee meetings which should be typed and posted within three school days.
  • Prepares and reads the minutes of meetings.
  • Provides the president with an agenda for each meeting.
  • Counts and records votes when taken.
  • Prepares chapter reports.
  • Works with the treasurer in keeping an accurate member roll.
  • Assumes responsibility for all correspondence material.
  • Reads communications at meetings.


  • Receives and acts as custodian of chapter funds.
  • Submit monthly financial reports
  • Collects all state and national dues and is responsible for their disbursement by the appropriate deadlines.
  • Keeps financial records neat and current.
  • Plans, with the assistance of the membership and the advisor, appropriate fundraising activities.
  • Handles the chapter’s accounts recievable and accounts payable.
  • Encourages efficient money management.
  • Assists in the preparation of the annual statement of receipts and expenditures.


  • Develops media lists for chapter mailings.
  • Gathers and classifies chapter news.
  • Prepares news releases and articles for publications in school and local newspapers.
  • Assists with planning and arranging chapter exhibits.
  • Prepares and collects news and feature stories of the chapter’s activities for the state newsletter and for national publications.
  • Acts as a contact with those outside of the organization.
  • Works with the Historian on the documentation of chapter activities.
  • Maintains a history of the chapter, including an annual report of chapter activities, awards, and publicity.
  • Files clippings and pictures of the chapter’s activities.
  • Keeps a chapter publicity and activity scrapbook.
  • Works with the Public Relations Officer on the documentation of chapter activities.


  • Develops media lists for chapter meetings.
  • Plans public relations activities for the chapter.
  • Gathers and classifies chapter news.
  •  Prepares news for the FBLA-PBL national Web site.
  •  Assists with the planning and arranging of chapter exhibits.
  •  Prepares a local chapter newsletter at least twice a year for members.


  • Assists chapter members in understanding the basic purpose of parliamentary procedure.
  • Is prepared to advise the presiding officer and other chapter members on parliamentary procedure.
  • Has reference materials pertaining to parliamentary procedure available for each meeting.
  • Insures that business is conducted according to the Chapter Bylaws.
  • Serve in any capacity as directed by the President.