Quality Enhancement Plan

Quality Enhancement Plan – QEP

The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS), our regional accrediting agency, requires every institution seeking reaffirmation to create a QEP tailored specifically for that institution based on its needs as indicated by local research data and agreed upon by a wide-cross section of the institution’s constituencies.  This is the first QEP ever created by Northeast Mississippi Community College.

The QEP comprises a 83 page document which outlines a five-year plan conceived, designed, and implemented by Northeast with the central purpose of enhancing student learning.

Our QEP is called Reading ROARS (Raising Our Academic Reading Success) and includes the following three initiatives:

  1. To enhance advising and placement of under-prepared readers by mandatory placement of students with ACT reading sub-scores of 14 or below in REA 0113, Comprehension I, and restricted concurrent enrollment of those students in reading-intensive courses.
  2. To expand and enhance developmental reading instruction by creating a second course called Enhancement of Reading I for students who may need additional preparation to fortify their chances of success in college level reading.
  3. To integrate into courses from each college division critical reading instruction appropriate to the discipline so as to deepen students’ understanding of the reading process which they must undergo in order to become fully engaged with any reading material they will encounter as students and as informed, productive citizens.

QEP Activities

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