#NEMCC’s Ramsey Student Services Building looks out onto…

October 24, 2019

#NEMCC’s Ramsey Student Services Building looks out onto Cunningham Boulevard and the vast amount of students coming to the college every day but those windows serve a different symbolism, they give a look into the future potential of everyone at Northeast. From administration, faculty, staff, students and community members who visit the Northeast campus, the windows allow a glimpse into the hopes, dreams and successes of everyone that Northeast has a chance to come in contact with. Is it your time to be seen through a window of hope? Do you have a dream of a better education or a higher paying job? Come join us at Northeast Mississippi Community College and let us help you see out your own window into the world. #GrowNortheast #movingforward — view on Instagram https://ift.tt/2WlS7bb

Source: Tumblr

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Written by Michael H Miller


Michael H Miller is the Public Information Specialist at Northeast Mississippi Community College.