NEMCC offers Firearm Safety for Women class

November 9, 2017

Northeast Mississippi Community College’s Office of Continuing Education is doing its part to keep women safe.

Northeast’s Continuing Education is offering a Firearm Safety for Women class on Saturday, November 11 from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m.

Cost for the all-day class is just $45 with participants meeting at Holliday Hall.

Participants will open the class by learning about gun safety and technique during the first part of the day in the classroom and move to the firing range during the afternoon portion of the course.

Organizers bill the course as a “perfect class for you or someone you care about to get familiarized with the basic terminology, safety, and use of a handgun.”

Goals for the class are to educate and empower women in personal safety strategies with firearms.

Northeast’s class will provide participants with the knowledge, skills and attitude necessary for owning and using a handgun safely. In addition, participants will learn the operation, safety and shooting fundamentals needed to defend themselves.

Students must provide a handgun/pistol, ammunition, eye and ear protection and holster to be a part of the class.

To register for the class, participants are asked to sign up online at

For more information about the Firearm Safety for Women class or any of the offerings by the Continuing Education office at Northeast, call 662-720-7296 or email


Source: TigerWire

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Written by Michael H Miller

Michael H Miller is the Public Information Specialist at Northeast Mississippi Community College.



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