NEMCC 2015-2016 Student of the Year Nominee

June 1, 2016

toriNEMCC 2015-2016 Student of the Year Nominee

Tori Kwasinski

Responsibility came early for Tori Kwasinski. At age 14, Tori left school even though it was not something she wanted to do. She loved school, and she loved learning.  However, she had two family members who required daily care because of medical issues.  During this time of aiding her family, she always found an opportunity to educate herself.  Any spare time she had, she would study.  She was waiting to be old enough to enroll in GED classes.  At age 17, Tori was able to enroll in class.  After completing all the steps to enroll in GED class, as well as C2C class, another obstacle appeared.  Her mother’s medical problems intensified, and Tori had to put her plans on hold.

Finally in the fall of 2015, Tori got the opportunity for which she had waited so long.  She enrolled in GED and C2C classes and excelled.  In the short span of three months, she had completed her GED.  She also completed all aspects of the C2C program including the work experience.

Even though she has completed her GED, Tori still attends class to study for her ACT.  She is always willing to take time to help other students with areas they are struggling with.  Tori is in the process of enrolling in Northeast, so she can major in Psychology.   Tori sees a career in the mental health field as the optimal career for her lifes’s mission:  to help people!

Nominated by Jane Billingsley and Charlie Smart.

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Written by Steven Davis



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