NEMCC 2015-2016 Student of the Year Nominee

June 1, 2016

MacKenzie DavisNEMCC 2015-2016 Student of the Year Nominee

MacKenzie Davis

Mack can’t keep from smiling these days. At twenty-eight, he is striving to reach new heights in his educational journey and is successfully clearing the hurdles one leap at a time. In 2009, Mack began his journey to pass his GED.  He had recently graduated from Thrasher High School with a Special Education Diploma.  We all knew that it would be a difficult journey for Mack and the odds of him dropping out of classes was high.  However, Mack proved all of us wrong!

For the past six years, Mack has been attending classes.  Mack’s mom would drop him off at McDonald’s at 6 a.m. and he would hang out there until the building opened at 7.  He has even walked to school when he didn’t have a ride. Mack attended ABE classes for several years.  He never gave up even though he saw other students pass their GED quickly.  Mack continued to have an upbeat, optimistic attitude about class, instruction, and fellow students.  He never gave up.  Mack always did each activity – encouraging the other students and adding fun to each project.

His hard work has finally paid off because he passed his GED last month.  In addition, he earned college credit in Professional Development.  Rather than take time off, Mack immediately enrolled in Word Processing at Northeast in Corinth. The sky is the limit for Mack!

Nominated by Wilda Pounds, Dale Michael, and Pam Meeks

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Written by Steven Davis



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