Mobile Learning Keynote Speakers

Rebecca Stockley


Rebecca Stockley is a co-founder and member of BATS Improv in San Francisco. Rebecca has been performing Improvisational Theatre and playing Theatresports since 1984. She uses improvisational theatre principles to design teach collaborative creativity, to coach presentation skills, to facilitate communications skills and to entertain audiences. Rebecca has done work for Lucas Film, DreamWorks Animation, Pixar Animation Studios, Apple and Berkeley University.

Specialties: Improvisation Performing, Directing and Teaching, Coaching, Facilitating, Consulting and Coaching.

Kevin Fowler



Kevin L. Fowler is an Apple Distinguished Educator and the Director of Educational and User Technology at Walters State Community College in East Tennessee. Walters State has been Tennessee’s leader in emerging technology and mobile learning and Kevin is a chief component to Walters State’s mobile learning strategy, which equipped its campuses with over 1,000 iPads in as little as 24 months.

Kevin got his start as a public school teacher. Winning his alma mater’s Student Teacher of the Year, Kevin’s use of classroom technology made him a sought-after technology coach in East Tennessee. Garnering multiple industry technical certifications, Kevin joined higher education as a liaison between faculty and IT and has coached other institutions in building bridges between their IT and academic groups.

Kevin has been featured in classroom technology blogs, including WCET and eCampusNews. Recently, he and his chief academic officer went to Cupertino, California to participate in the Apple Education Learning in Action web series.