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What is One Northeast?
“ONE Northeast…an ipad initiative has as its mission “to better prepare students for tomorrow’s workplace by leveraging technology while providing an engaging learning environment and a cost savings to the student.”

Why the iPad?
With over 80,000 apps designed just for education, the iPad is the right choice for this program.  Currently there are no viruses that affect iPad;  it provides a safer environment for your data and the campus network.

What iPad will I be getting?

iPad 32GB  9.7″

How much is this going to cost me?
Prices vary depending on iPad, please visit the iPad Order Form.

How many iPads can I get?

Do I have to participate?
No, the program is optional.  Please remember that the majority of classes require some type of device in order to participate in class activities and homework.  iPad required classes mean that you must have an iPad with iOS 10.3 to register for those sections.

Can I use my own iPad?
Yes, if you currently have an iPad,  you can bring it to your class.  Please make sure the iPad is running the current iOS 10.3.

How can this program save me money?
This program is designed to help you save money by using ebooks in the classroom.   An average freshman in one semester can save enough money from ebooks to justify the cost of the iPad.  That’s an average of over $300 in savings per semester!

I do not have internet at home can I still access my books?
Vitalsource ebooks are downloaded directly to your iPad so they can be accessed offline.  Books from the publisher may require internet access.

When do I do I pay?
Your iPad payment will be due the same time your tuition and fees are due.

When can I pick up my iPad?
You may begin picking up your iPad iPad  August 10

Please contact Jeffrey Powell at 662-720-7585 or

** Please remember that if you withdraw from college to go by the business office to make sure you do not owe any unpaid fees.

Summer 2017 iPad Orders

Fall 2017 iPad Order