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Single Sign On
Q: What has changed with Canvas?

A: The login page, as well as the username for Canvas has changed. You will login to Canvas using the new NEMCC Portal Login.  You will login with your full email address ( for students or for faculty and staff). All Canvas login links will be updated to reflect this change.  If you have not set-up your Single Sign-On you need to do so now.

Q. What is changing with email?

A: Currently, you will continue to login to your email account by using the link at the top of the Northeast web page using your full email address ( for students or for faculty and staff).  Once the transition to Single Sign-On is complete, this link will be removed and you will login to your email by using the goNortheast link.  All email login links will be updated to reflect this change. Your password HAS changed. If you have not setup your Single Sign-On, you can login with your temporary password to access your email.  Do not update your password using the password reset feature for your email.

  • Students: Your temporary password for your email has been changed to TigersXXXX where XXXX is the last 4 digits of your Student ID number.  You will create your own password when you setup your Single Sign-On.
  • Faculty:  Your initial password MAY have changed. If your network password and email password were not the same, your password defaulted to your network password (The password you use to logon to your computer). If you are a MAC OSX user or you have never set a computer password, you will need to contact computer services.

Q: What hasn’t changed?

A: Your email address remained the same. Only your password changed. All of your email is secure. Your saved emails will be available as soon as you create a new password and login with PortalGuard.

Q: Why are we doing this?

A: We have implemented a Single Sign-On Solution for students, faculty and staff. This will allow you to logon to one website ( and access the various applications (Canvas, Office365, and soon Tigerline) used on campus without having to enter your username and password each time. You will also be able to reset your password if it is forgotten, by either answering your security questions that you setup or send a text message to your phone with a one time password.

Q. What do I need to do?

ALL users need to go to and sign with your username ( for students or for faculty and staff) and your temporary password to setup your PortalGuard login. During this step you will be required to set up your security questions, enroll your cell phone, an optional alternate email address, and change your password.  Your security questions, cell phone, or alternate email address can be used to reset your password and access your accounts in the event you forget your password.

After competing these steps, you will be required to change your password. Your password will need to meet the following complexity requirements:

  • At least seven characters long
  • Include uppercase and a lowercase letter
  • Include a number or special character (&, !, $, %, etc…)
  • Not reference your username  (email address)


Last updated on September 6th, 2016 at 9:13 am.