Admission Requirements

Welcome to Northeast!  We appreciate your interest in our program.  We understand that it can be overwhelming if you are new to the college environment; even if you are currently enrolled or have been here before, it can still be a lot to navigate.  We want to make your experience as positive as possible, so if you have any questions after reading through this information, please just contact us.

The Radiologic Technology program is an Associate Degree program.  There are 26 hours of pre-requisite courses that must be taken prior to being eligible for acceptance into the program.  When a student begins the program in the fall, only radiology specific courses and clinical rotations will be completed.  This is a full time training program and it is not recommended for those who cannot devote themselves as full time students.  Because technologists are on their feet for long periods of time and may lift or turn disabled patients, physical stamina is important (US Dept. of Labor).  The program is designed to prepare students for employment in hospitals or clinics as radiographers.  Radiographers produce radiographs (x-rays) of bones and body structures as directed by supervising physicians.  This program will focus on principles of general radiography in preparation for the ARRT registry exam (a national certifying board examination).

The radiography program will accept 12 new students for each fall semester.  Applications may be obtained from the link on this page.  Hospitals that we utilize as clinical sites are:  Magnolia Regional Health Center, Baptist Memorial-Booneville, Baptist Memorial-Union Co., Iuka Hospital (affiliate of North Mississippi Medical Center), Tippah County Hospital, Mitias Orthopaedics (New Albany, MS), and Magnolia Orthopaedics (Corinth, MS).

Applicants are responsible for requesting that transcripts from other institutions be sent to the records office before the application deadline.  Interviews will be conducted beginning in January of each year.  Please call the program director, Mrs. Jennifer Davis, to schedule your interview.  Completed applications and interview must be received/completed no later than May 1. Previous applicants must call program faculty to have application re-activated.   Students must maintain a minimum grade of “C” in both pre-requisite courses and radiography courses.  Pre-requisite courses are listed below (updated October 2015):


ENG 1113 (Eng Comp I)

CSC 1123 (Computer Applications)

PSY 1513 (Gen Psych) or SOC 2113 (Intro to Sociology)

MAT 1233 (Inter. Alg.) or MAT 1313 (College Alg.)

ART 1113 (Art Appreciation) or MUS 1113 (Music Appreciation)

BIO 2514 (Anatomy and Physiology I + lab)

BIO 2524 (Anatomy and Physiology II + lab)


**NEW FOR 2015**

RGT 1213 (Fundamentals of Radiography) will be offered to any student who is interested in applying to the program.  It has been added to the rating scale and will be scored like the pre-requisites listed above.  It is offered online in the fall, spring, and summer semesters.  The 8-hour observation will be incorporated into this course.

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