After a student has been accepted, the student is encouraged to contact their advisor to plan their schedule and receive a registration personal identification number (PIN). Schedule entry may be completed through the advisor or student via TigerLine. Off-campus registrations are held each fall/spring at our Corinth/New Albany campuses. Students may print off a copy of their schedule via Tigerline.

Students wanting to register for e-learning courses must first be accepted as a student at NEMCC. Students may register for these classes via the homepage link and should remember to use their assigned NEMCC  ID and email address.

Student registration is not considered complete until all fees have been paid in the Business Office. Students may pay fees by cash, money order, credit card, approved financial aid (i.e. PELL, MTAG, SEOG, and student loans) or the promissory note plan. Students paying with financial aid or credit card can call the Business Office to pay by phone at (662) 720-7196 after registering for classes.


Last updated on November 30th, 2015 at 6:16 pm.