Faculty Grade Entry

Faculty Grade Entry is used by faculty members to enter Midterm and Final Grades of students enrolled in their classes. It works in conjunction with Student Profile and the MyNEMCC mobile app to display those grades to students.

Viewing Grades

Once you have logged in, Faculty Grade Entry will present a list of classes that you have taught while at Northeast. This list can be sorted by clicking on any of the column headings. Simply click on a class that indicates that the Grading Status is “Completed” to display the class roster and the grades that were assigned to each student. If the grading status indicates “Not Started”, grades have not yet been entered for that course. You are able to chose either Midterm Grades or Final Grades by selecting the appropriate tab.

Tips for locating a class:

  • When looking for a class, you can sort by most columns by clicking on the column header.
  • You can enter a term code in the Search box to limit courses displayed to a particular term.

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Entering Grades

To enter grades, you first need to locate the course(s) that you wish to record grades for. In order to accomplish this, first, select the Midterm Grades or Final Grades tab. Second, locate the search box and enter the current term and press enter. This will limit the courses that are displayed to the current term. In the illustration below, Midterm Grades have been “Completed”, simply click the Final Grades tab to enter Final Grades.

After selecting the Final Grades tab, simply click on a course in the My Courses section to display the Student Roster. The Student Roster will be presented below the list of courses. To enter a grade, click the drop down box and select a letter grade from the list. The other columns that are displayed are for informational purposes only and can be ignored.

Once you have finished entering grades for the selected course, scroll to the bottom of the screen and click “Save”. You can then select another course and continue.

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