Faculty Attendance Tracking

Faculty Attendance Tracking is used by faculty members to track the attendance of students enrolled in their classes. It works in conjunction with Student Attendance Tracking that display those attendance records to students.

Taking Roll

Once you have logged in, Faculty Attendance Tracking will present a list of classes that you teach that are open for taking attendance. Click the Take Roll button to display a list of students enrolled in the class and begin taking roll. If the class has not yet started, you may see a View Students button instead.


Tips for locating a class:

  • When looking for a class, you can sort by most columns by clicking on the column header.
  • You may have multiple terms listed.

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Marking Students Absent and Present

After clicking Take Roll, you will be presented with a list of students enrolled in your course along with course dates.  You can only take roll for the date that is selected.


Taking roll:

  • To mark a student present for the day, click the empty round circle under the selected date.  A green check mark indicates the student is present.
  • To mark a student absent for the day, click the round circle under the selected date a second time.  A red dash indicates the student is absent.
  • If you made a mistake, click the circle again.  It will change back to an empty circle.

In addition to selecting individual students for taking roll, you can mark an entire class by clicking on the Update All button near the upper left-hand corner of the screen.


Options for Update All include:

  • Update Empty Records to Present
  • Update Empty Records to Present
  • Mark All Present
  • Mark All Absent

Once you have finished taking roll, click the Class button and the click Update LDA.

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Processing No Shows and Cutouts

There are times when it will be necessary to mark students as a No Show or in instances where extended absences dictate as being Cut Out of class.  In order to automate this process as much as possible, instructors are asked to use the following codes:

  • CONS – Cut Out No Show (Never attended class)
  • CONR – Cut Out and Not Recommended for Reinstatement
  • CORR – Cut Out and Recommended for Reinstatement

These codes are using by the Office of the Vice President of Instruction in order to take action when a student requests reinstatement.

In order to use these codes when counting a student absent, click the Process Cutout checkbox in the student details section of the screen.  Enter the code in the Note box.  The Enrollment services office has requested instructors use the format (CONS LDA:081216).  This allows the Records Office to verify several aspects of student attendance.


Here are some tips about using the CONS, CORR, and CONR codes:

  • Clicking the Process Cutout checkbox should automatically count the student absent for the day.
  • The records office has real-time access to the data.  Students are usually removed from the class in short order.
  • If a mistake is made, contact the records office.
  • Students who are cut from class will continue to be listed on the roll, however, they will move to the bottom and you will no longer be able to mark the student as absent or present.
  • You can see the Registration Status of a student by looking in the Student Details pane.
  • You can see attendance details for each student in the Student Details pane.


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