Automotive Mechanics and Service Technology Program Components

Automotive Program Components


Anyone whose car or light truck has broken down knows the importance of the Automotive Service Technician’s job.  Automotive Service Technicians repair and service automobiles and occasionally light trucks, such as vans and pickups, with gasoline engines.

The ability to diagnose the source of the problem quickly and accurately requires good reasoning ability and through knowledge of automobiles.

The Automotive Mechanics and Service Technician Program provides the graduate with the basic and technical knowledge needed to repair and service automobiles.  The graduate learns troubleshooting, computer diagnosis, parts machining, and repair of automobile components.  The laboratory is designed and operated in a manner similar to that of an actual automotive mechanics business.

Program Components

Automatic transmission and transaxles/manual drive trains and axles

Suspension and steering, braking systems and heating/air conditioning and automotive accessories

Internal combustion engines with disassembly and reassembly

Engine computer procedures and diagnosis

Electrical/electronic systems, fuel systems, and engine performance.

Automobile machining with precision instrument reading and parts applications

Employment Outlook:  Stable.  Employment of automotive mechanics is expected to increase about as fast as the average for all occupations.  The number of mechanics is expected to increase because the expansion of the driving age population will increase the number of motor vehicles on the road.