T.O.P Award


Because of your continued dedication and commitment to Northeast Mississippi Community College; your Foundation wants to honor you with the T.O.P. Award.

 This honor will be awarded to one full-time faculty member from each of the six academic divisions.  The T.O.P. Award winners will receive a plaque which will be presented by the President, name and picture released in the local newspapers, published on the Foundation website and Foundation’s Annual Report; and many additional events throughout the year.  Additionally the recipients will receive a grant in the amount of $100.  These grant funds can be used at your discretion for your classroom, office, or professional development needs.

Any faculty member wishing to participate in the T.O.P. Award program must submit a one-page description of your innovative teaching method, which was implemented during the prior academic year.  The award criteria sheet can be obtained by clicking the on the button above.  Submission deadline is October 1st of each year.

Once the Foundation Office compiles the applications, they will distribute the packets to each Division Head; who will then call a meeting of their division to evaluate the award applications.  Your peers will do the selection of the winner.  A silent vote will be cast for the individual you believe deserves the T.O.P. Award.  In the event of a tie, an off-campus judge has been selected to evaluate the applications and make the deciding selection.

The innovative teaching methods of faculty members at Northeast Mississippi Community College are commendable and we at the Foundation are excited to recognize excellence with the T.O.P. Award.


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