New Admit Student

Students who have earned a high school diploma or a GED may enroll as a “New Admit.”  The following information will be needed to complete the admissions file:

  • Signed and Dated Application for Admission
  • ACT Scores (If over 21, scores may not be required for admission, however students will have to take  placement tests for entry into some classes.) The ACT may be required for admission into specific programs.
  • Proof of Residency may be required.
  • On-line High Schools must be regionally accredited or will not be accepted.
  • Home School Students must submit a notarized transcript with the date the diploma was conferred by parent and the signature of the parent.
  • High School transcript indicating Graduation or GED Official Scores
    •  If GED was taken outside of the state of MS, prospective students must get official scores sent from the issuing state.

If you have attended/received financial aid at another institution, a transcript from that institution is required and you will be considered a Transfer Student.

Failure to list all colleges attended or those in which the student received Financial aid may result in cancellation of enrollment.