Dual Enrollment

High school students who desire to complete college classes while maintaining their status as high school students may gain Dual Admission status by submitting the following:

  • A completed Northeast Mississippi Community College application for admissions.
  • A high school transcript which documents a minimum of fourteen (14) high school units with a grade point average of 3.0 or higher on a 4.0 scale. Students who have an ACT score of 30 or higher may be granted Dual Admissions status without completing 14 units provided all other criteria are met. A home-schooled student must submit a transcript prepared by a parent, guardian, or custodian with a signed, sworn affidavit to meet the requirement of this paragraph.
  • An unconditional letter of recommendation from the high school principal and/or guidance counselor. A home-schooled student must submit a written recommendation from the students’ parent, legal guardian or custodian.
  • ACT score required (Placement Test not allowed for Dual Enrollment)

The following restrictions apply.

  • Not allowed to enroll in beginning level courses.
  • Limited to 8 hours per semester unless approved by Vice President of Instruction

Payment Options for Tuition

Fall 2017-Summer 2018 Dual Enrollment Classes

  • Student may take any course (provided they meet the prerequisites) and defer the cost of the course or pay the $150.00 per hour rate plus fees and book(s). This includes courses taught on the Booneville Campus, Corinth Campus, New Albany Campus, and/or online.
  • Northeast courses taught on the high school campus and by a high school instructor will be a flat rate of $200.00 or they can defer.
  • There is a limit of 15 total hours a student can earn through dual enrollment with the deferment option and/or the $200.00 flat rate. When the student reaches the 15 hour point and registers for additional courses, the student will be responsible for paying the $150.00 per hour costs plus fees and book(s).
  • Regular Cost:
    – MS Resident: $150.00 per hour
    – Out-of-state: $285.00 per hour
    – ID Card: $15.00
    – Distance Learning Fee (if taking online class): $30.00 per class
    – Parking Permit (if taking class on campus): $30.00
    – Registration Fee: $3.00 per hour
    – Technology/Activity Fee: $5.00 per hour
    – Book Cost: A course materials fee will apply
  • Charge tuition to a Dual Enrollment Account and pay later (Receive Free tuition if student graduates with an Associate Degree or completes
    4 semesters at Northeast. (See details below.)
  • Out-of–state students are responsible for out-of-state fees
  • Deferment form must be submitted to the business office each semester
  • Pay all tuition in full. (Dual Enrollment students are not eligible for financial aid)

Free Tuition Option

A student approved for a dual enrollment and/or dual credit program will have the option to pay all tuition or to charge the tuition to a Dual Enrollment Deferment Account. The student is responsible for registration fees and book costs. All tuition charges will be eligible for deferment until the student reaches 15 hours. Part-time tuition will be charged when

Part-time tuition will be charged when student goes above 15 hours. Students who subsequently enroll as fulltime students at Northeast will have 25% of the total account waived for each semester that the student completes 12 or more credit hours of regular enrollment.

The total balance of the Tuition Deferment Account will be waived when the student graduates with an Associate Degree from Northeast regardless of the number of semesters completed or completes 4 semesters without earning a degree. The Tuition Deferment Account will be updated on a semester by semester basis as additional charges or credits are made.

Students who wish to transfer to another institution while a balance exists may do so by simply paying the balance and requesting an official transcript. No transcript of credit earned will be released by the college as long as a positive balance exists in the student’s Tuition Deferment Account.

Dual Enrollment Tuition Deferment Agreement