Future Students

How to Apply

Applications for admission are processed by the Office of Enrollment Services prior to issuing certificates of admission to qualified applicants. After all required documents are processed, the student will be notified of his/her admission status.

Admission to the college does not guarantee admission to a specific program. It is necessary to check the prerequisites for a program in order to determine ones’ eligibility for entry into that particular degree program. Some programs require a separate application and completion of prerequisites before entry.

In order to start the application process, select an admission type below:

New Admit Student

Students who have never attended college at Northeast or any other college or university are considered to be New Admit Students.

Transfer Student

Students who have attended or received financial aid at another college or university prior to applying at Northeast.

Dual Enrollment

Students who are currently in High School who desire to complete college courses while still in high school or are pursuing college level courses and are receiving high school credit at the same time are considered Dual Enrolled Students.

Returning Student

Students who have previously attended Northeast, but have not attended another post-secondary institution and are returning to college are considered Returning or Readmit students.

Students may apply for Admission in person at any of our campuses.

Updated on January 23rd, 2020