Letter from President Ford

Ricky Ford, President

You are about to begin or continue a very important part of your life. Depending if you are a first time student or a returning one, we want to create an atmosphere that you will happily recall in the years to come.

I encourage each of you to seek out new friends and explore all the opportunities that Northeast has to offer through our student services department. One word of encouragement and advice that I will give each of you is get involved with as much as possible. Seek help when you need it with any of our faculty and staff. You are the reason we are here, so use any or all of us to achieve your goals and ambitions.

Our faculty and staff are very qualified to assist you in any problems you might encounter. All of our offices are open to you at any time. Feel free to make contact with any of our professional staff for assistance.

We are a growing campus that is experiencing a large number of activities. You will notice that we have some new facilities that are either new construction or recently renovated. We just completed the second year in our new Tiger Fieldhouse; the campus bookstore opened in the newly renovated Cartwright Hall which also houses the state of the art elearning center with modern up to date computer labs. Burgess Activities Center houses our new state of the art fitness and wellness center, which will be open extended hours for Northeast Students and citizens of neighboring communities.

We welcome you to the Northeast Mississippi Community College and certainly hope that you have an enjoyable time while you are here.

Best Wishes,

Ricky G. Ford


Last updated on February 6th, 2017 at 9:41 pm.