Program Outcomes


The mission of the NEMCC Radiologic Technology Program is to instill the value of lifelong learning and professionalism in students, graduates and faculty and to provide the students with an education in radiologic technology that prepares them for the ARRT certification examination and employment as an entry-level Registered Radiologic Technologist.


1.  Students will develop competency as an entry-level radiographer. 

SLO 1.1  Students will be able to perform routine exams

SLO 1.2  Students demonstrate procedures in patient care

SLO 1.3  Students will demonstrate radiation protection

2.  Students will be able to communicate effectively.

SLO 2.1  Students will effectively communicate with patients

SLO 2.2  Students will demonstrate effective written communication

3.  Students will think critically and analytically.

SLO 3.1  Students will adapt procedure protocol for non-routine procedures (i.e. trauma)

SLO 3.2  Students will identify diagnostic quality images and correct non-quality images accordingly

4.  The student demonstrates the values and ethics of a radiographer and an understanding of professional development and lifelong learning.

SLO 4.1  Students will demonstrate professional behavior

SLO 4.2  Students will demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the key professional organizations (ARRT, JRCERT, ASRT)

5.  Students will be prepared for immediate employment as a radiologic technologist or continuing studies in the field of diagnostic imaging.

SLO 5.1  Students will find employment in an imaging modality

SLO 5.2  Students will pass a National Certification Examination

SLO 5.3  Employers of RT graduates will be satisfied with job performance

SLO 5.4  Students who start the program will finish the program

SLO 5.5  Graduates will feel that they were adequately prepared

Assessment Plans






Five-Year Data

Average 5 year pass rate (2013-2017)- 87%

Average 5 year job placement (2013-2017)- 83%

Average 5 year program completion rate (2013-2017)- 96%







Completion Rate

10/12 completed (83%)

9/12 completed (75%)

12/12 completed (100%)

11/12 (92%)

10/12 completed (83%)

Registry Exam Pass Rate


8/9 (89%)

8/12 (67%)

10/11 (91%)

8/10 (80%)

Employment Rate (students who sought   employment)

7/7 (100%)

 5/6 (83%)  12/12 (100%)

11/11 (100%)

9/10 (90%)