Frequently Asked Questions

It varies with each admission but generally speaking a score of 28 or above is very competitive
Eleven consecutive classes have passed 100% on their first attempt.
The Mississippi Board of Nursing reports 14,172 LPNs for the state. The Northeast graduates have been successful in finding employment upon their passage of the Sta te Licensure Exam. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimate there are approximately 750,000 LPN roles in the US. Approximately one quarter of these work in hospitals and another quarter work in nursing care facilities. Of the remainder the majority worked in physician surgeries and provided home care services. Article Source: The P.N. Program has 100% of the graduates of 20 12 - 20 13 employed or currently enrolled in the A.D.N. program. The five county job market has been steady. The job market is supposed to grow between 2006 and 2016 for LPNs, faster than average for all occupations due to increasing elderly population and increase in demand for general care.
The 2008 median annual wage was $39,030 (or $18.77 an hour). LPNs with employment services make around $44,8 60 (or $21.57 an hour). LPNs in nursing care facilities made an average of $41,660 and those in home health made around $41,410. LPNs in physicians’ offices made an average of $35,940 ($17.28 an hour) with LPNs doing medical/surgical nursing in hospitals making around $39,340.