Admission Requirements

  • Meet general admission requirements of Northeast.
  • Make a separate application to the MLT program. The deadline for August admission is May 1st.
  • Sit for an interview with program faculty.
  • After all interviews have been completed, the program officials list the applicants that have completed all of the requirements for admission in decreasing order of rating points. The list is presented to the Admissions Committee. This committee consists of the division head of the Health Sciences division, the director of admissions, the program faculty, and the assistant to the director of admissions. During this meeting the top 12-20 applicants are chosen and the remaining applicants are placed on the alternate list. As places in the class become available alternates are called from the alternate list.

*Medical Parisitology may be scheduled in the Fall or Spring of the Freshmen year.

Program Application

MLT Application Packet