Mission Statement

The mission of the NEMCC Medical Assisting Technology Program is to prepare medical assistants who excel in knowledge, skill, and professionalism required by employers and the medical community.  It should be understood by each student that a total commitment on the part of him/her is required.  The Medical Assisting Technology program reflects the basic purpose and objectives of Northeast Mississippi Community College.

Program Goals and Student Learning Outcomes

To prepare competent entry-level medical assistants in the cognitive (knowledge), psychomotor (skills), and affective (behaviors) learning domains.  In an effort to insure continuous program improvement, program faculty have adopted the following goals and student learning outcomes (SLOs) for the Medical Assisting Technology Program (assessment cycle 2017-2018).

  1. Students will develop competency as an entry-level medical assistant

SLO 1.1:  Students will be able to assist with examinations, procedures and treatments.

SLO 1.2:  Students will be able to perform administrative functions

SLO 1.3:  Students will be able to collect and process laboratory specimens

  1. Students will be able to communicate effectively

SLO 2.1:  Students will effectively demonstrate oral communication

SLO 2.2:  Students will demonstrate effective written communication

  1. Students will practice health and safety policies and procedure necessary to the establishment of a safe working environment

SLO 3.1:   Students will be able to apply principles of aseptic technique & infection control

SLO 3.2:  Students will be able to practice Standard Precautions

  1. Students will demonstrate the values and ethics of a medical assistant and understanding of professional development and life-long learning

SLO 4.1:  Students will demonstrate professional behavior

SLO 4.2:  Students will demonstrate knowledge and understanding of key professional organizations AAMA, AMT, NHA and NCCT

  1. Students will demonstrate community and ethical knowledge while providing health care services to diverse populations

SLO 5.1:  Students will demonstrate empathy and respect for all patients

SLO 5.2:  Students will demonstrate ethical decision making within a medical setting

  1. Students will be prepared for immediate employment as a medical assistant

SLO 6.1:  Graduates will find employment as a medical assistant or related field

SLO 6.2.  Graduates will pass a National Certification Examination

SLO 6.3:  Employers of graduates will be satisfied with job performance

SLO 6.4:  Graduates will feel that they were adequately prepared

Program Outcomes

The Standards and Guidelines for the Accreditation of Educational Programs in Medical Assisting requires programs to maintain and make available to the public current and consistent summary information about student/graduate achievement.

May 2020, the Medical Assisting Technology Program at Northeast Mississippi Community College has a job placement rate of 92% for 2018 graduates.