Alternate Placement Practical Nursing

The Alternate Placement Practical Nursing Education option is available to assist individuals who were unsuccessful in their original program of study (NEMCC ADN) with career options, employment opportunities, and alternate pathways for achieving career goals.

Eligible students under consideration for the Alternate Placement Practical Nursing Education must apply, fulfill all program requirements, and be evaluated for acceptance to the program. The PNE Alternate Placement Application includes completed Medical Forms and verification of skills competencies. Students are only eligible for consideration within one year of leaving the A.D.N. program. Eligibility does not guarantee admission to the program. Available slots for admission may be limited; therefore students should strongly consider their commitment to the program prior to accepting an admission slot. Eligible students will be admitted based on the Alternate Placement PNE rating scale.

Application Packet

Alternate Placement Application and Information Packet