Division of Health Sciences


Division of Health Sciences

Providing quality instructional programs to prepare students for health science careers

Northeast’s Division of Health Sciences offers seven programs that prepare graduates for careers in health science fields. Graduates of six programs earn associate of applied science degrees:  Associate Degree Nursing, Dental Hygiene Technology, Medical Assisting Technology, Medical Laboratory Technology, Radiologic Technology, and Respiratory Care Technology. A certificate is earned by graduates of the Practical Nursing Education Program and the Medical Assisting certificate option program. Each program in the division is accredited by national and/or state accrediting commissions or boards.

The division has one Academic Head, who serves as administrator and faculty member. All programs in the Health Sciences Division have a Program Director who also serves as a faculty member. There are currently 31 full-time faculty who provide classroom instruction, serve as academic advisors, and sponsor a variety of student organizations.

In addition to the programs listed above, a Phlebotomy course is offered at intervals when there is adequate demand.

Division of Health Sciences
Updated on July 11th, 2019